Top Morning News 11.14.12

Nov 14, 2012

Council of economic advisors to the governor meets to discuss the aviation industry; Brownback speaks out about the wind Production Tax Credit; Case of electioneering surfaces in McPherson.

Gov.'s Council Meets To Discuss Growth In Aviation

The Kansas Governor's Council of Economic Advisors met in Wichita yesterday to discuss ways of increasing revenue - and the global competitiveness of the aviation industry.


Brownback Says Wind Tax Credit Should Be Phased Out, But Not Now

Governor Brownback is continuing his push for an extension of a wind energy tax credit. It helps make wind power cheaper, and it's set to expire at the end of the year.


Kansas Prosecutor Checks Possible Electioneering

A prosecutor is investigating possible electioneering at polling places during last week's voting.

Four anti-abortion voters' guides were left in voting booths at a McPherson church and the Lindsborg Safety Center. McPherson County Clerk Cathy Schmidt says the guides appeared to be printed from a website.

Kansas law prohibits electioneering, such as wearing or handing out various labels or materials, inside polling places on election day. It's also banned within 250 feet of a polling place.

McPherson County Attorney David Page says electioneering is a serious matter, but proving criminal intent to influence voting is difficult. Page says he's looking into the case, but hopes to use it to educate the public about what citizens may and may not do on election day.