Top Morning News 2.25.13

Feb 25, 2013

Wichita officials say the roads will likely be more hazardous with this second storm; Gov. Brownback extends state of emergency declaration to include new storm; Some area schools and universities are closed.

Wichita Officials: Get Ready For Storm, Round Two

City of Wichita officials are urging residents to stay off the roads and prepare for another round of heavy snowfall.


Weather Closes Area Schools, Universities and Businesses

In anticipation of heavy snowfall and dangerous road conditions many south-central Kansas schools and businesses have asked employees and students to stay home Monday.


Gov Amends Emergency Declaration To Include Second Storm

Gov. Brownback says Monday's blizzard "has the potential to be more dangerous than last week's storm." Brownback amended his state of emergency declaration Sunday night to include the new storm.

The Division of Emergency Management has activated the State Emergency Operations Center and will staff it around the clock until further notice. 

Arts Supporters To Descend On Kansas Statehouse

Kansas arts advocates will converge at the Statehouse this week to protest Gov. Brownback's cut to state arts funding. The advocates are making Thursday Arts Day at the Capitol and they plan to lobby legislators.

They've been upset with Brownback since he took office and proposed replacing the Kansas Arts Commission with a private, non-profit group. Lawmakers blocked the move, but the governor vetoed the commission's entire budget.

Last year, at his urging, legislators merged the commission with the Film Services Commission to form the Creative Arts Industries Commission. The new commission's budget is $700,000, but Brownback has proposed reducing it to $200,00 for the next fiscal year.