Topeka Hospital to Collaborate with Mayo Clinic

Apr 2, 2014

Mayo Clinic
Credit Sabine.ritzinger

Topeka's Stormont-Vail HealthCare has become the first health system in Kansas to partner with the Mayo Clinic Care Network.

The deal will give local patients access to the expertise of the medical staff at the Mayo Clinic.

The relationship will include eConsults with experts at the Mayo Clinic. In essence, the eConsult is a long-distance second opinion.

Whenever a physician at Stormont-Vail is uncertain of a diagnosis or treatment, he or she will be able to send the patient’s charts, images, and lab results to any of the 4,000 experts at Mayo. They’ll respond with their analysis of what it all means, and how to proceed.

Local doctors and nurses will also have access to an extensive database of the latest Mayo-vetted medical information. 

With Kansas, the Mayo Clinic Care Network will have connections in 14 states, plus Mexico and Puerto Rico.