Wichita Group Launches Postcard Campaign To Attract Businesses, People To City

Jun 29, 2012

A group of young adults in Wichita has created an initiative to help promote the city as a cultural and commercial destination.

The project is called From Wichita With Love and was created by a group of local friends. After attending a conference, the group was inspired to come up with innovative ways to attract attention to Wichita.

They designed a retro-inspired postcard and last week distributed thousands of them to area shops, bars and venues.

The initiative is designed to help recognize Wichita as a travel destination and help attract new businesses. 

Among the creatives is freelance writer Christina Calhoun. She says the postcard is a spin off of the traditional “Wish you were here” postcard and is designed to highlight the Wichita that they love.

“We kind of like that vintage feel of really simple postcard that just says, you know, isn’t this place awesome? A picture of the beach, a picture of a giant stately building, whatever,” says Calhoun.

“Wish you were here. And so, kindling that notion and using the illustrations to say why, like: we wish you were here biking by the river, we wish you were here learning about the air capital.”

Calhoun says now they are waiting to see what kind of response is generated.

In addition to the postcard campaign, Calhoun and the others behind the From Wichita With Love project are encouraging people to take pictures of themselves with the postcards and post them to Facebook and Twitter.

A full list of supporting businesses can be found here.