Wichita One Of America's Most Creative Places

Mar 1, 2017

Surely by now you have purchased and are flying your Wichita flag! You feel the current and see how we, the Wichita people, are on fire and looking out for our city's growth and welfare. I hope you share these facts with your out-of-town friends as well.

The latest nod came from the travel blog, Expedia Viewfinder. The Feb. 15 article by Lily Rogers listed our Wichita as one of the most artistic cities in America. We were listed with San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Denver, New Orleans, and Kansas City, Mo., as one of the cities with populations under 1 million that are dynamic artistic communities.

Rogers says, "In true hipster fashion, if you want the insider scoop on the best art towns in America, while they are still under the radar, there's no better place than Wichita."

Rogers listed the Wichita Art Museum, The Ulrich, Mark Arts, and -- "for theater bugs" -- the Theater League. And she also mentioned Final Friday, the art crawl, which she called "meeting and mingling with artists at galleries and eateries around town."

She left out the important Kansas African American Museum, City Arts, and others, because I'm sure she didn't know quite enough.

Wichita artists and local arts collectors are the reason for such well-deserved articles! Hard work and keeping dollars local are the reason these articles exist. These articles equal more dollars and involvement for Wichita. Mayor Jeff Longwell, having long proven our worth, keep us in mind for all your public art projects. Let us help you plan our future--together.