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Join us weeknights at 7:00 p.m. for a musical adventure with Global Village. From classic recordings to the latest new releases, from right around the corner to halfway around the world, host Chris Heim presents a wide range of world music, along with jazz, rock, folk and other styles, artists and songs with world and roots influences. Each month, we also focus on a particular artist, style or theme, going deeper into the music and offering some rare and seldom heard selections. And the first Friday of every month, hear the best new releases with the Global Village Top 30 show. Each night is a different musical journey, with music that is unusual and intriguing, yet still seems very close to home.  

Once again, Global Village is a winner in the annual Public Radio Exchange (PRX) Zeitfunk AwardsGlobal Village has been named the #1 Most Licensed Series and KMUW has been named the #1 Most Licensed Station.

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Music hosts Jedd Beaudoin, Chris Heim, Carla Eckels and Bill Pearce run down the best in music for 2013 - including selections for world, rock, local music, jazz, R&B, gospel, blues, rockumentaries and books about music.

Join KMUW's music hosts throughout January on Global Village, Strange Currency, Night Train, Crossroads, Soulsations and Straight No Chaser for a month-long feature of the Best of 2013. See individual show pages for more information on upcoming shows and to listen to past shows through the streaming archive.

Best of 2013 lists:

1.       Mulatu Astatke - Sketches of Ethiopia (Jazz Village)

2.       Tamikrest - Chatma (Glitterbeat)

3.       Various - Afrobeat Airways 2: Return Flight to Ghana (Analog Africa)

4.       Various - Kenya Special: Selected East African Recordings from the 1970s & '80s (Soundway)

5.       Monoswezi - The Village (Riverboat)

6.       Debashish Bhattacharya and Friends - Beyond the Ragasphere (Riverboat)

7.       Garifuna Collective - Ayo (Cumbancha)/Danny Michel & the Garifuna Collective - Blackbirds Are Dancing Over Me (Cumbancha)

1.       Various - Afrobeat Airways 2 (Analog Africa)

2.       Linda Thompson - Won't Be Long Now (Pettifer Sounds)

3.       Black Bazar - Round 2 (LusAfrica)

4.       Abelardo Carbono - El Marvilloso Mundo de Abelardo Carbono (Vampi Soul)

5.       Bombay Dub Orchestra - Tales from the Grand Bazaar (Six Degrees)

6.       Blue Riddim Band - Enter the Riddim (Rougher Records)

7.       Paul Simon - Over the Bridge of Time (Sony/Legacy)

8.       Tamikrest - Chaman (Glitterbeat)

9.       Nashaz - Nashaz (Ziryab)

1.       John Scofield - Uberjam Deux (EmArcy)

2.       Mulatu Astatke - Sketches of Ethiopia (Jazz Village)

3.       Raya Brass Band - This Train Is Now (Raya Brass Band)

4.       Boban & Marko Markovic - Gipsy Manifesto (Piranha)

5.       Juan Carmona - Alchemya (World Village)

1.       Mulatu Astatke - Sketches of Ethiopia (Jazz Village)

2.       Various - Rough Guide to the Music of the Mediterranean (World Music Network)

3.       Stepper - Sly & Robbie Present: Stepper Takes the Taxi (Taxi)

4.       Various - Afrobeat Airways 2 (Analog Africa)

5.       Roberto Fonseca - Yo (Jazz Village)

1. Cesaria Evora - Mae Carinhosa (LusAfrica)
2. John Scofield - Uberjam Deux (EmArcy)
3. Garifuna Collective - Ayo (Cumbancha)
4. Jahcoustix - Frequency (Irievibrations)
5. Femi Kuti - No Place for My Dream (Knitting Factory)

Asaf Antman / Flickr

Few artists can claim to single-handedly create a musical style, but Mulatu Astatke is one of them. He is the founder of Ethio-Jazz, a hypnotic blend of Ethiopian music and various jazz influences that has attracted a growing international audience in recent years. Throughout September, Global Village features music from Astatke, ranging from some of his earliest recordings to a new album and first international release, Sketches of Ethiopia, out September 10th.

Top 40 Albums July 2013

Aug 1, 2013

1.   John Scofield - Uberjam Deux (EmArcy)
2.  Peter King - Shango (Mr. Bongo)
3.  Various - Kenya Special (Soundway)
4.  Various - Rough Guide to Latin Psychedelia (World Music Network)
5.  Peter King - African Dialects (Secret Stash)

Wikimedia Commons

Throughout August Global Village features music from the ‘Barefoot Diva’ of Cape Verde, Cesaria Evora, in honor of what would have been her 72nd birthday this month. Listen for breakthrough recordings she made in the 1980s up to her final posthumous album.

Top 40 Albums June 2013

Jul 2, 2013

1. Riccardo Tesi - Cameristico (Materiali Sonori)
2. Ebo Taylor & Uhuru Yenzu - Conflict (Mr. Bongo)
3. Peter King - Shango (Mr. Bongo)
4. Cesaria Evora - Mae Carinhosa (LusAfrica)
5. Jahcoustix - Frequency (Irievibrations)