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Monday, August 28

Charlie Parr spent many years working with the homeless population across Northern Minnesota while playing music at night. His experiences during that time formed the basis for a rich body of songs, including those featured on his new release, Dog we’ll hear selections from that effort on this episode of the show along with music from the debut release by Wichita’s Haymakers.

Tuesday, August 29

Gypsy punk band Gogol Bordello is back with a new effort. Titled Seekers and Finders, the album is in tune with the veteran band’s wild, eclectic style. Listen for music from Gogol Bordello on this episode.

Wednesday, August 30

We’ll preview our September featured artists, Gov’t Mule and Damien Jurado.

Thursday, August 31

We celebrate Trinidad Independence Day in conjunction with Global Village and Night Train with selections that spotlight calypso, soca, steel drum and other music from and inspired by Trinidad.

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Saturday, August 19

Richard X. Heyman’s status as a cult musician has never stopped him from delivering topnotch power pop songs. His latest album, Incognito continues that trend. On it, Heyman traverses the distance between the head and the heart with songs that reflect on the social and political realities of contemporary life and the timeless topic of love. We’ll hear selections from Heyman’s latest on this episode, plus selections from XTC’s Nonsuch.

Monday, August 21

Sisters Shelby Lynne and Allison Moorer have just released their first-ever collaborative album, Not Dark Yet. The record finds the pair covering songs by Bob Dylan, Nirvana and Nick Cave. Listen for music from that album on this episode as well as selections from the record’s producer, Teddy Thompson, and his 2007 country-inspired collection, Up Front and Down Low.

Tuesday, August 22

We'll celebrate John Lee Hooker's centennial birthday. 

Wednesday, August 23

Danny Gatton and Roy Buchanan were two guitarists that changed the face of guitar forever. Both men combined elements of blues, jazz and country with a flair for the dramatic and a deep sense of lyricism. We’ll hear selections from Gatton’s 1991 release 88 Elmira St. as well as Buchanan’s self-titled 1972 debut, which featured his classic composition “The Messiah Will Come Again.”

Thursday, August 24

Treasures Untold is the new live recording from singer-songwriter Tom Brosseau. Listen for music from that release on this episode as well as selections from the latest from Lana Del Rey, Lust For Life.

Friday, August 25

Guitarist Bill Nelson may be best known for his work as a member of Be-Bop Deluxe and his highly experimental solo albums throughout the 1980s. One of those forward-thinking records, 1987’s Chance Encounters in the Garden of Lights has just been reissued in expanded form. We’ll hear music from that release as well as from Nelson’s time with Be-Bop Deluxe.

Saturday, August 26

Formed in New York’s Hudson River Valley, The Warp/The Weft draws inspiration from classic British folk and progressive rock as well as contemporary folk acts such as Fleet Foxes and Murder By Death. Listen for selections from the group’s latest, Mapping An Absence as well as Richard and Linda Thompson’s classic Shoot Out The Lights.

Friday, August 11 

We remember musician Glen Campbell, who passed away this week at the age of 81. We’ll hear selections his long solo career plus selections from his time as a member of The Wrecking Crew and with the Beach Boys.

Saturday, August 12

The Claypool Lennon Delirium unites Les Claypool of Primus with Sean Lennon for music that is contemporary but influenced by the classic era of progressive and psychedelic rock. The band has just issued a new EP, titled Lime and Limpid Green, featuring cover versions of songs by The Who, King Crimson and Pink Floyd. We’ll hear selections from that release on this episode as well as music from Pink Floyd’s Meddle release.

Monday, August 14

We celebrate the birthday of Minnesota-born musician Slim Dunlap with selections from his solo career as well as from his work with Curtiss A., The Replacements and more.

Tuesday, August 15

Poor David’s Almanack is the latest release from David Rawlings. Known for his work with Gillian Welch and as a sideman, Rawlings remains a present and consistently influential musician whose own albums have garnered extensive critical acclaim. We’ll hear selections from this release as well as music from Split Lip Rayfield’s Should Have Seen It Coming.

Wednesday, August 16

Formed in Dayton, Ohio and led by former elementary school teacher Robert Pollard, Guided By Voices remains one of the most prolific bands in rock history. The group’s latest effort, How Do You Spell Heaven? walks the line between the unit’s pop and innovative sensibilities. We’ll hear songs from it and from Bob Mould’s Black Sheets of Rain on this episode of Strange Currency.

Thursday, August 17

To The Bone is the latest effort from former Porcupine Tree frontman Steven Wilson. Listen for music from that recording as well as selections from his collaboration with Israeli pop star Aviv Geffen, Blackfield.

Friday, August 18

Trinity Lane is the brand-new release from Nashville-based singer-songwriter Lilly Hiatt. The daughter of acclaimed singer-songwriter John Hiatt, she has forged her own path in the world of music and has emerged with her strongest release to date. We’ll hear selections from this release as well as music from Manchester Orchestra’s new release, A Black Mile to the Surface.

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Tuesday, August 1

Everything Now is the brand-new release from Arcade Fire, we’ll hear music from that recording on this episode of the show as well as selections from the latest by Broken Social Scene, Hug of Thunder.

Wednesday, August 2

Listen for music from IV, the brand new recording by Psychic Temple, the project of musician Chris Schlarb. He’s joined on this recording by Terry Reid, Avi Buffalo and many others. We’ll also hear new music from the band Japanese Breakfast.

Thursday, August 3

California Guitar Trio continues its tradition of melding original and classic material. The international group (with no members residing in California) has recently released a new album, Komorebi, which features material ranging from the Beach Boys and Beatles to Dave Brubeck. Listen for material from that recording as well as selections from Mike Keneally’s 2001 effort Wooden Smoke.

Friday, August 4

It’s our New Month, New Music feature with selections from Lana Del Ray, Violent Femmes, Arcade Fire, The National and Guided By Voices.

Saturday, August 5

Joe Bonamassa has released nearly 20 live albums, the latest of which is an acoustic set captured at Carnegie Hall. We’ll hear music from that recording as well as selections from the new live recording by the band Spain.

Monday, August 7

Learned Behavior is the newest release from singer-songwriter Aaron Lee Martin. Listen for selections from it as well as music from Spain’s 2016 album Carolina.

Tuesday, August 8

When Memphis, Tennessee musician Chris Bell died in late 1978 he probably had little idea how large a musical legacy he was leaving behind. He’d formed the group Big Star in the early 1970s with teen idol Alex Chilton, then left the group after one album. From there he drifted, writing songs and working at his father’s restaurant. He cut several songs in the 1970s, hoping that he’d land a record deal but to no avail. It was only in 1992 that the Rykodisc label issued I Am The Cosmos, a collection of songs he’d recorded, that Bell’s music saw release as an album. We’ll hear selections from that 1992 effort on this episode of the show as well as music from Big Star’s seminal #1 Record.

Wednesday, August 9

Barefoot In The Head is the latest release from the Chris Robinson Brotherhood, the band led by former Black Crowes frontman Chris Robinson. Drawing on a diverse range of influences, including the Grateful Dead, Robinson revisits classic soul and psychedelic sounds on this album, which we’ll hear from on this episode of the show. Plus music from former Black Crowes guitarist Marc Ford’s 2014 album Holy Ghost.

Thursday, August 10

Inspired by the seemingly disparate sounds of the classic Cowboy Junkies album The Trinity Session and John Lee Hooker’s sole album for the jazz-focused Impulse! label, Josh Haden forged the “slowcore” sound of the 1990s with his band Spain. We’ll hear from all three acts on this edition of Strange Currency.

Thursday, July 20

We celebrate Carlos Santana’s 70th birthday with selections from his work as a solo artist, sideman and leader of the band Santana.

Friday, July 21

Listen for selections from The Coma Calling’s The Forever Switch plus music from Standing In The Colour.

Saturday, July 22

Released in late 1973, Band on the Run was the third album from Paul McCartney and Wings, though most of the band had quit just before recording began. With the former Beatle playing many of the instruments himself, he was joined only by his wife, Linda, and longtime Wings member Denny Laine. We’ll hear selections from Band on the Run on this episode as well as selections from George Harrison’s Cloud Nine release.

Monday, July 24

Although Elvis Costello and Paul McCartney had intended to make a collaborative album in the late 1980s, the two split songs from joint songwriting sessions. McCartney took pieces the pair had composed to his Flowers in the Dirt release while Costello recorded the album Spike, which featured the pair’s “Veronica,” a song that would become a hit for the Costello. Listen for selections from both releases on this episode.

Tuesday, July 25

Listen for selections from the recently reissued Purple Rain album from Prince & The Revolution as well as selections from LCD Soundsystem, The War on Drugs and others.

Wednesday, July 26

Live At The Love Song is the latest release from the band Spain. Led by Josh Haden, the band’s trademark “slowcore” sound remains intact on this new in-concert recording which features guest appearances from Bill Frisell and Haden’s sister, Petra. Listen for selections from effort as well as songs from That Dog’s Totally Crushed Out! LP.

Thursday, July 27

2 Mics & The Truth: Unplugged & Unhinged is the latest release from Violent Femmes. Formed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin more than 35 years ago, the trio revisits its classic material such as “Blister in the Sun,” “Jesus Walking on the Water” and “Country Death Song” in stripped down form. We’ll hear selections from this release as well as material from the latest from Luther and Cody Dickinson’s North Mississippi Allstars, Prayer For Peace.

Friday, July 28

For his latest album venerable blues and soul guitarist and vocalist Robert Cray traveled to famed Memphis studio Royal to record a series of covers and originals, emerging with a record that spotlights the purity of his voice and guitar work. We’ll hear selections from that effort plus material from Moreland & Arbuckle’s Promised Land or Bust.

Saturday, July 29

The Winery Dogs brings together guitarist/vocalist Richie Kotzen with his former bandmate in Mr. Big, bassist Billy Sheehan. They’re joined by drum legend Mike Portnoy in a band that marries soul, jazz fusion and progressive rock. We’ll hear material from across the group’s three major releases as well as songs from The Beatles, Paul McCartney and George Harrison.

Monday, July 31

We close out our July Prince and Paul McCartney feature while previewing the our August feature: The music of Aaron Lee Martin and the band Spain, led by Josh Haden. Haden is the son of jazz legend Charlie Haden. Spain marries the Americana sounds of Canadian outfit Cowboy Junkies with blues, rock and jazz. 

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Tuesday, July 11

Released in 1993, Friday Night Is Killing Me was the debut album from Bash & Pop, featuring Tommy Stinson and Steve Foley from The Replacements. Influenced by British rock vocalist Terry Reid and bands such as the Faces, The Rolling Stones and others, the band released only one album in its initial life cycle. Stinson reactivated the band last year and will reissue the debut album this fall. We’ll hear selections from the original release as well as music from Sticky Fingers, the 1971 Rolling Stones album.

Wednesday, July 12

Prayer For Peace is the latest from The North Mississippi All-Stars, the band featuring brothers Luther and Cody Dickinson. The album features a cover of R.L. Burnside’s “Long Haired Doney” and Mississippi Fred McDowell’s “You Got To Move.” Listen for selections from that as well as music from Moreland & Arbuckle’s Flood.

Thursday, July 13

Issued in 1989, Flowers in the Dirt was hailed as a return to form from former Beatle Paul McCartney. The album featured songs he co-wrote with Elvis Costello and a guest appearance from Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour. We’ll hear selections from that release as well as from Reckless Kelly’s 2016 Sunset Motel.

Friday, July 14

We celebrate Bastille Day with music from French artists such as Ulan Bator, Tommy ’86 and Telephone.

Saturday, July 15

Run Devil Run is the 1999 covers-centered collection from Paul McCartney, featuring the singer-songwriter performing some of his favorite songs by Chuck Berry, Carl Perkins and Gene Vincent. We’ll hear selections from that effort on this episode plus music from The Honeydrippers, the early ‘80s band featuring Robert Plant, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page, notable for its cover of “Sea of Love.”

Monday, July 17

We’ll hear music from Paul McCartney’s 2001 album Driving Rain plus selections from the classic Beatles’ album Abbey Road.

Tuesday, July 18

Kisses on the Bottom is Paul McCartney’s 2012 standards collection, featuring his take on material written by Irving Berlin, Johnny Mercer and others. We’ll hear music from that collection as well as songs from the latest by Emperor X.

Wednesday, July 19

Released in 1976 Wings Over America is a live album from Paul McCartney’s post-Beatles band Wings. Drawing on the output of both bands, the recording served as McCartney’s final live LP for over a decade. We’ll hear selections from it as well as music from Prince and The Revolution’s recently reissued Purple Rain.

Album Cover Art

Saturday, July 1

Released in 1997, Flaming Pie was Paul McCartney’s first album in four years. The title played on the origins of The Beatles’ name (which John Lennon said was presented to him by a man who appeared on a flaming pie) and featured a wide range of guests, including Ringo Starr, Steve Miller and ELO’s Jeff Lynne, who had worked closely with McCartney, Starr and George Harrison on the Beatles’ Anthology documentary the previous year. Listen for selections from Flaming Pie as well music from The recently reissued edition of The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Monday, July 3

Guitarist, vocalist and songwriter Freddie Nelson’s latest release is Shake The Cage. Informed by classic rock acts such as Queen and The Beatles, the record carries a contemporary sound with Nelson’s songwriting placed at the forefront. We’ll hear selections from Shake The Cage as well as material from United States, Nelson’s collaboration with Mr. Big/Racer X guitarist Paul Gilbert.

Tuesday, July 4

We celebrate Independence Day selections from Yes, X, David Bowie and Los Lobos.

Wednesday, July 5

1967: Sunshine Tomorrow is a new boxed set that examines the evolution of the Beach Boys’ album Wild Honey. That 1967 record found the group aiming for a more soul driven sound with Mike Love and Brian Wilson collaborating extensively on the songs. The new set also features live tracks from the era and outtakes from the group’s Smiley Smile sessions, which took place earlier that year. Listen for music from that release as well as Mike Keneally’s 2001 release, Wooden Smoke.

Thursday, July 6

Iteration is the first full-length release in five years from electronic music artist Com Truise. We’ll hear music from this release as well as new songs from Paul McCartney’s collaboration with producer Youth, The Fireman. We’ll focus on the duo’s third (and so far final) album, 2008’s Electric Arguments.

Friday, July 7

It’s our New Month, New Music feature with brand new selections from Broken Social Scene, and Aaron Lee Martin.

Saturday, July 8

Twin Freaks is a 2005 collaborative release between Paul McCartney and producer and DJ Freelance Hellraiser. The double LP features highly revamped renditions of classic McCartney material such as “Live and Let Die” and “Maybe I’m Amazed” as well as deeper cuts such as “Temporary Secretary.” Listen for music from this effort as well as songs from guitarist and vocalist Adrian Belew’s 1982 solo debut, Lone Rhino.

Monday, July 10

Released in 1993, Mavis Staples’ The Voice appeared on Prince’s Paisley Park label and features material written and produced by him, including “Melody Cool,” which also appeared in the 1990 Prince-directed film Graffiti Bridge. Listen for music from both The Voice and the Graffiti Bridge soundtrack on this episode.

Monday, June 26

We’re All Alright is the eighteenth studio album from Cheap Trick and the second to feature drummer Daxx Nielsen, the son of guitarist and founding member Rick Nielsen. We’ll hear selections from this record, including a cover of song by The Move, the band would ultimately spawn Electric Light Orchestra. We’ll also hear more music from the self-titled debut by The Magpie Salute, the band featuring former Black Crowes guitarists Rich Robinson and Marc Ford.

Tuesday, June 27

Step Into Light is the latest album from Fastball, the band best known for its late 1990s hit “The Way.” This new effort finds the band blending elements of its classic sound with contemporary sensibilities on a record that stands as one of the group’s best efforts to date. We’ll hear from it on this episode of the show as well as music from the Spirit of the Stairs release Lambo Doors.

Wednesday, June 28

Weather Diaries is the first album of new material from veteran shoegaze band Ride in 21 years. Listen for music from that effort as well as the latest by Slowdive, that group’s first new recording in 22 years.

Thursday, June 29

So You Want To Be An Outlaw is the latest release from singer-songwriter Steve Earle. Listen for music from it as well as selections from his son Justin Townes Earle’s latest, Kids In The Street.

Friday, June 30

Woodstock is the brand new release from Alaskan band Portugal. The Man. Some of the material dates to before the group’s previous effort, Evil Friends, and features production work from Danger Mouse and Mike D of the Beastie Boys. We’ll hear music from that effort as well as selections from Paul McCartney’s experimental electronic project The Fireman.

Friday, June 16

The Magpie Salute reunites former Black Crowes guitarists Marc Ford and Rich Robinson in a band that combines expansive classic rock sensibilities with soul and R&B influences. We’ll hear selections from the self-titled debut from The Magpie Salute plus selections from the latest by Gov’t Mule, Revolution Come …. Revolution Go

Saturday, June 17

Album Cover Art

Friday, June 9

Released in 1987 The Joshua Tree transformed U2 from a favorite band of rock critics into mainstream superstars. The band has just released a deluxe edition of the album, featuring B-sides, rarities and a Madison Square Garden concert from the same year. Listen for selections from that effort on this episode of the show as well as music from the latest by former Pink Floyd bassist Roger Waters, Is This The Life We Really Want?, his first collection of all-new material since 1992.

Saturday, June 10

White Knight is the latest release from Todd Rundgren. The album fuses Rundgren’s classic pop and soul sensibilities with his more recent interest in electronic dance music. It also features collaborations from Robyn, Trent Reznor with Atticus Ross and Daryl Hall. We’ll hear selections from it on this episode of Strange Currency as well as music from former Hanoi Rocks frontman Michael Monroe.

Monday, June 12

Released 40 years ago, Bob Marley’s Exodus remains not only one of his most popular but most beloved albums. To celebrate the record’s anniversary, Marley’s son Ziggy has delivered a reimagined version of the record titled Exodus 40: The Movement Continues. The collection features new vocal elements left off the original record as well as new versions of classic songs that retain the elder Marley’s performances. Listen for music from that recording as well as music from Andre Cymone.

Tuesday, June 13

Chuck is the first album of new material from Chuck Berry in nearly 40 years. It was completed before the musician’s passing earlier this year and features contributions from Gary Clarke Jr. among others. We’ll hear music from it on this episode as well as selections from the latest by Low Cut Connie.

Wednesday, June 14

After leaving Prince’s band in 1981, Andre Cymone embarked on a promising solo career, which he launched with the album Living in the New Wave. We’ll hear selections from that release as well as music from Tommy ‘86’s Transhumanism.

Thursday, June 15

We’ll hear music from Old Crow Medicine Show’s 50 Years of Blonde on Blonde plus music from Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie. The two longtime Fleetwood Mac members have just released their first-ever collaborative recording. The self-titled effort has its roots in an aborted attempt to make a new Fleetwood Mac album and features all members of that band except Stevie Nicks.