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Thursday, July 9 

Released in 2013 Southeastern became Jason Isbell’s breakthrough record. Newly sober, newly married and more focused than he had been in more than a decade as a recording artist, Isbell unveiled a series of songs that touched on subjects both personal and universal. We’ll hear selections from that album as well as music from Sturgill Simpson’s 2014 album Metamodern Sounds In Country Music.

Friday, July 10

The Grateful Dead kicks off their final shows in Chicago on Friday, July 3, 2015. In this article for Pop Matters, Strange Currency host Jedd Beaudoin looks at recent books, films, newspaper and magazine pieces written about the group:

The Grateful Dead are Dead, Long Live the Grateful Dead by Jedd Beaudoin

Beaudoin is featuring selections from The Dead on Strange Currency. See a complete rundown here.

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Friday, June 26

In 1984 King Crimson closed out a run of three interesting and now classic albums. The short-lived quartet featuring guitarist and vocalist Adrian Belew, drummer Bill Bruford, bassist Tony Levin and founding member Robert Fripp was in fine form when the group visited Montreal in April of that year. The band’s April 17 show was recorded and released some years later as Absent Lovers. We’ll hear selections from that recording as well as from Adrian Belew’s 1993 release The Acoustic Adrian Belew

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Thursday, June 11 

Released in 2008 Episodes was the third album from Spirit of the Stairs and an unusual one at that. It saw the band growing from a quartet to a sextet (plus the addition of keyboardist Georgia Andersen on the recording sessions), introducing members and compositions from the band You’ll Be A Torso into the fold. It remains one of the group’s best recordings, one of the reasons we’ll spotlight it on this episode of the show, along with selections from the new Yes boxed set Progeny

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Monday, June 1: In an unlikely career move David Bowie formed the band Tin Machine in 1988 with the rhythm section of Hunt (drums) and Tony (bass) Sales and guitarist Reeve Gabrels. Bowie had already worked with the Sales brothers in Iggy Pop’s band and was forming a strong friendship with Gabrels. The band recorded two studio albums and issued one live recording during its short lifetime (1988-1992) and was an especially divisive moment in Bowie’s career.

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Saturday, May 16 - Released in 1984 The Big Express was Swindon, England’s XTC’s seventh studio album; we’ll hear selections from it on this episode of Strange Currency as well as several songs produced by the band’s Andy Partridge for the Britpop band Blur as well as music from Mike Keneally’s 2008 rarities collection Wine and Pickles.   

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Tuesday, May 5

The Magic Whip is the first studio album from British band Blur since 2003’s Think Tank and the first album from the band’s original four piece lineup since 1999. Listen for selections from it as well as from Different Class the 1995 album from Britpop band Pulp. 

Wednesday, May 6

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Monday, April 27: Released in 1968 Larry Coryell’s debut album Lady Coryell gave great indications of a career that was to span into the following century. With the then 25-year-old guitarist joined by drumming legends Bob Moses and Elvin Jones, the album is a classic example of Coryell’s imaginative playing and writing. Listen for selections from that recording as well as from the 1970 self-titled release by violinist Don “Sugarcane” Harris, featuring appearances from Johnny Otis and Shuggie Otis.

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Thursday, April 16: Czech-born keyboardist Jan Hammer had his greatest commercial success in the 1980s after composing the theme to the popular television show Miami Vice but his recorded output as a solo artist in the 1970s featured several superlative albums including 1976’s Oh Yeah. Listen for selections from that album as well as from Teaser, the 1975 release by guitarist Tommy Bolin.