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For the third year in row, KMUW 89.1 FM and its music shows Global Village and Strange Currency are winners in the annual Public Radio Exchange (PRX) Zeitfunk Awards. KMUW was Number Two in the category of Most Licensed Station, edging out stations in New York, Chicago, and other major markets.

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Thursday, November 10

Stick Men is the musical project featuring Pat Mastelotto and Tony Levin of King Crimson as well as Markus Reuter, who has collaborated with both musicians in The Crimson ProjeKCt. Stick Men’s latest release is titled Prog Noir. We’ll hear selections from that as well as music from Mike Watt’s Ring Spiel ‘95 live album featuring Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam and Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters.

Friday, November 11

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Tuesday, November 1

Listen for selections from the synth-driven project Dynatron’s new release, The Rigel Axiom as well as selections from French synth artist Tommy ‘86’s latest, Transhumanism.

Wednesday, November 2

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Wednesday, October 26

Songbook is a new covers collection from Mia Doi Todd. The collection features songs written by Prince, Joni Mitchell, and Townes Van Zandt among others. We’ll hear selections from that record as well as music from She Haunts My Dreams, the 1999 release from Spain.

Thursday, October 27

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Wednesday, October 19 

When guitarist Jack Rose died in 2009 at the age of 38 of an apparent heart attack, he left behind a small but impressive body of work. Working in a style of acoustic guitar known as American primitivism, Rose drew on a wide range of influences that included Indian raga music, blues, country and even the avant garde. We’ll hear selections from several of Rose’s major releases, which are now being reissued. Also listen for music from Thalia Zedek’s latest, Eve.

Thursday, October 20

The Micronotz formed in Lawrence, Kansas in 1980 but the band’s first real spark of life happened in Wichita. John Harper, a founding Mirconotz member, was already enthusiastic about punk rock when his uncle, Jack Kellogg, brought him to The Embarrassment’s rehearsal space to watch the band. Kellogg was friendly with many musicians in Wichita and knew that his nephew, who’d already purchased his first guitar, would probably appreciate an audience with what was then the Air Capital’s biggest musical act.

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Tuesday, October 11

Masculin Féminin is the new boxed set from Blonde Redhead. The collection features the group’s first two albums, Blonde Redhead and La Mia Via Violenta, as well as early demos, singles, and radio performances we’ll hear selections from this box as well as music from Say Yes! a new tribute to acclaimed singer-songwriter, Elliott Smith.

Wednesday, October 12

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Saturday, October 1

All Are One is the debut album from Portland, Oregon’s Sophe Lux & The Mystic, a solo vehicle for Gwynneth Haynes, former front person for the band, Sophe Lux. We’ll hear selections from that release and from Carolina, the latest by Spain.

Monday, October 3

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Monday, September 26

American Band is the latest release from venerable American rock band Drive-By Truckers. Whereas the band has taken time to celebrate and contemplate its Southern heritage on past releases, this time the group takes a decidedly political turn with songs such as “Once They Banned Imagine” and “Sun Don’t Shine” and “Ever South.” We’ll hear selections from that recording on this episode of the show as well as music from the latest album by Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds.

Tuesday, September 27

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Friday, September 16

Listen for music from Wilco's latest Schmilco

Saturday, September 17

Released in 2002, Lifted or The Story is in the Soil, Keep Your Ear to the Ground became the breakthrough release for Bright Eyes. The record was also later listed as one of the best albums of the decade by a variety of critics. Listen for selections from that release as well as new music from Faun Fables.

Monday, September 19

Friday, September 9

We celebrate Otis Redding’s 75th birthday with selections from his career plus cover versions of his songs from Paul Rodgers, Etta James, Black Crowes, and Humble Pie.

Saturday, September 10