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Thursday, April 9: Short Movie is the fifth album from singer-songwriter Laura Marling and is notable for Marling’s heavy incorporation of electric guitar on this release. We’ll hear selections from that as well as from Jenny Wood’s Thumbsucker release.

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Wednesday, April 1

Formed in 1975 Brand X combined elements of progressive rock with jazz fusion across a series of under-appreciated albums. The group featured Phil Collins on drums playing in a manner that was distinctly different from his work in Genesis or on his solo recordings, demonstrating that he was one of the best percussionists of his generation. We’ll hear from the debut Brand X recording, Unorthodox Behaviour as well as from Billy Cobham’s 1974 release Crosswinds

  Thursday, April 2

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Thursday, March 19

Released in 1985 Bad Moon Rising was the second full-length album from Sonic Youth. Despite the band having formed in New York City, the music on this album is focused heavily on Southern California—especially the dark underbelly of Los Angeles in the late 1960s as the counterculture’s dark side came to light. We’ll hear selections from this release as well as from Strange Angels, the 1989 release from performance artist and musician Laurie Anderson. The record was remarkable for Anderson’s new attention to her voice and more traditional song structures and its wide range of guest artists, including jazz vocalist Bobby McFerrin.

Yeah Okay, We Know

Mar 10, 2015
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Wednesday March 11

Perfect Abandon is the latest release from singer-songwriter Tom Brosseau. Born in North Dakota and raised in the church, Brosseau’s music is informed by desolation, spirituality, and the eeriness that visits wide open spaces. Perfect Abandon was recorded using one microphone and produced by sometime PJ Harvey collaborator John Parish. We’ll hear selections from that album on this episode of the show as well as selections from Yeah Okay, I Know, the latest release from singer-songwriter Christian Lee Hutson.

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Monday March 2

The Firewatcher’s Daughter is the latest release from acclaimed singer-songwriter Brandi Carlile. It is her follow-up to the highly acclaimed 2012 album Bear Creek. We’ll hear selections from that as well as music from Whatever My Love, the latest from the Juliana Hatfield Three. Hatfield is perhaps best remembered for her work with 90s acts such as The Lemonheads, Blake Babies and others. This latest release captures the spirit of Hatfield’s earlier recordings while bringing her and her band firmly into this decade.

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Tuesday, February 17

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Tuesday, February 10

Afraid of Ghosts is the latest release from singer-songwriter Butch Walker. The album is a quieter, more serious turn from Walker, who is also an acclaimed producer, and features a guest appearance from actor Johnny Depp, who was brought in at the suggestion of Ryan Adams, who oversaw the sessions for the album. We’ll hear from that recording as well as from the new recording by singer-songwriter Chadwick Stokes.

Wednesday, February 11

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Monday, February 2: El Corazon is the 1997 album from Steve Earle, featuring guest appearances from Emmylou Harris, Supersuckers, and Earle’s son, Justin Townes Earle. Listen for selections from this release as well as music from the Grateful Dead’s landmark 1970 release Workingman’s Dead.

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Saturday, January 17: Panda Bear Meets The Grim Reaper is the latest release from former Animal Collective vocalist Noah Lennox, who has just released his fifth album. We’ll hear selections from it as well as from Big Dark Love, the upcoming release by Indiana’s Murder By Death.

Friday, January 9: We remember beloved country music legend Little Jimmy Dickens, who died on January 2 at the age of 94. Dickens is best known for songs such as “Country Boy” and “I’m Little But I’m Loud.” We also remember guitarist Jeff Golub, who died on January 1 at age 59. Golub recorded a number of records in the blues and jazz genres but also collaborated with rock artists such as Rod Stewart, Peter Wolf and Billy Squier.