Spring 2014 Pledge Drive Premiums

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Each drive KMUW supports a local artist with our Pledge Drive Artist Series. Our Spring 2014 piece in our Artist Series is Kate Pepper’s "Three Seasons.” Kate Pepper is the 21st artist in the series that began in the spring of 2004.

Our Spring 2014 Artist Series mug of Pepper's piece "Three Seasons."

Kate Pepper Artist Statement:

"Chinese watercolor has always been a passion of mine; starting 15 years ago with Anita Wong as an instructor. Something about the structure, method and amount of detail really resonated with me. The opportunity to learn silk painting a few years ago became available and I was excited to try something new. However, the more I experimented with the silk painting techniques the more I realized the fundamentals from Chinese watercolor could be applied to silk painting. It was wonderful to get back into the studio and loose myself in creating art. The time that was taken to create the works for KMUW was a needed vacation from the demands of my busy art director life. I am very grateful my family allowed me the time to work in the studio and create several pieces I can be proud of."

Snatch up a Spring 2014 Artist Series short-sleeved cool mint t-shirt featuring details of Pepper's "Three Seasons.

The tumbler of the Spring 2014 drive features both the KMUW and WSU logos in black and yellow with a yellow straw.

In celebration of KMUW’s 65th birthday and the talent of our local artists, we are offering the artwork on notecards in packages of 10. Set One contains: Kathleen Shanahan, Doug Billings, Patrick Dugaw, Elly Fitzig, Scott Bixler, Marilyn Grisham, Curt Clonts, Mark Flickinger, Janet Fisher and Rebecca Hoyer. Set Two contains: Larry Schwarm, John Boyd, Clark Britton, Dustin Parker, John Ernatt, Christopher Gulick, Diane Thomas Lincoln, Steve Murillo, Brian Hinkle and Charles Baughman.

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