Stubblefield Society

The Nathan B. Stubblefield Society is your opportunity to become a student member of KMUWGet an inside look at the making of public radio, engage with our community, and get tons of perks just for signing up! Stay up to date by following us @stubblefield891.

Just 89 cents makes you a member! 

As a member you'll receive: 

  • One free admission to each of our 9 museum partners
  • A Stubblefield box loaded with coupons to local retailers and KMUW freebies
  • Invitations to volunteer and get involved
  • Opportunities to win free tickets to local events
  • Connection with the radio you love! 

Stubblefield boxes loaded with goodies
Stubblefield boxes loaded with goodies

See just how far 89 cents can take you!

Join today by visiting the station at 3317 E 17th Street N, just one block east of Hillside on 17th. Call Sarah Jane Crespo, Dalton Black or Jordan Kirtley for more information at 978-6789.

This Amusing Race team poses with their Millie makeover.
This Amusing Race team poses with their Millie makeover.

We host several exciting events throughout the year! Look for our Museum Hops, happening in the fall, spring and summer. We take a party bus from the station and visit three of our partner museums for an entertaining afternoon. We also partner with the Ulrich Museum of Art for a WSU campus-wide scavenger hunt in the spring, The Amusing Race. Keep a look out for our third annual race in April 2016! 


Thanks To Our Museum Partners:

Thanks To Our Local Supporters: