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The Kansas House says BB gun shooting clubs should be allowed on public school property. The bill comes after the Derby School District closed down a BB gun club over safety concerns. Republican Representative Blake Carpenter, from Derby, says the bill gives students another option for activities.

“I would like for this this sport to be treated like all the other sports that our kids play today in high school or middle school athletics. Its injury rate is far less than football, basketball, baseball,” Carpenter says.

Think An Air Rifle Is A Firearm? Think Again

Nov 1, 2013

A panel of the Kansas Court of Appeals has ruled that an air rifle is not a firearm as defined by the state's criminal laws.


The air gun has played a bigger role in American culture than you might of imagined.

The Red Ryder BB gun was introduced in 1938 to imitate Winchester rifles of popular western films, and it soon became an American Icon. But the air gun has much deeper roots in American history.