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Wichita leaders and advisory board members are meeting this week with a national expert on building financially strong communities.

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The City of Wichita has launched a new downtown bike-share program.

City Of Wichita Recognized For Bike-Friendly Iniatives

Nov 16, 2016
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Wichita has been recognized nationally for its ongoing efforts to improve conditions for bicycling.

The League of American Bicyclists awarded the local government an Honorable Mention designation on Wednesday for working with community partners to create a bicycle-friendly city.

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Biking while intoxicated will no longer be treated as a DUI in Wichita.

A new ordinance has created a separate category to charge cyclists who get behind the handlebars while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The City of Wichita considers bicycles to be a vehicle—but the State of Kansas does not.

Wichita Police Chief Deputy Jose Salcido says the inconsistent definitions made it difficult for Wichita law enforcement to charge cyclists with a DUI.

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The City of Wichita is being recognized for its master downtown plan to improve bicycle and walking opportunities.

The Kansas Public Health Association named the Wichita as the 2015 Public Health Policy Maker of the Year for implementing master bicycle and pedestrian walkway plans.


Below, Mayor Jeff Longwell talks about Wichita's plans to improve bicycling and transportation in the future, and he shares his own favorite routes to bike. 

In addition to the bicycle feature (click to play the first audio link), Mayor Jeff Longwell offered this advice for new riders:

"Number one, I would recommend that you find a buddy to ride with, because it's always safer to ride in pairs.

It’s Bike Month, and KMUW is celebrating all things bicycle.

If you want to get outside and participate, consider some of these Bike Month events:

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Wichita cyclist Brett Hogan likes to ride in races, for long distances, and fast. He got into bicycling in high school, when his swim coach told him he could improve his performance by adding cycling to his fitness regime. He hopped on a bike and didn't look back.

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Ruth Holliday owns the Bicycle Pedaler in Wichita along with her husband, Bob. The two met when they were RNs and bonded over their love of biking--so much so that they biked for their honeymoon in California. Over the years, Ruth and Bob have biked in New Zealand's two islands and Pacific Highway 1.

She and Bob started Bicycle Pedaler to be a welcoming place for bicyclists, a bicycle store owned by two avid bikers. They're still at it, 34 years later.

Hear Ruth talk about why she rides, what kind of gear new bicyclists need, and her favorite places to go.

Rhandalee Hinman

Wichita resident Rhandalee Hinman rode her bike as a kid, but like many people, gave up the habit once she reached adulthood. A little over a year ago, however, she decided to switch up her fitness routine and joined a local bicycling group. She fell down several times on her first ride, but she kept going. Within that first year, Rhandalee rode 100 miles as part of Bike MS.

She says anyone can get into bike riding. Just go slow and keep trying to get better.