blood donation

Canadian Blood Services, flickr Creative Commons

Local blood banks are asking for donors to help keep the blood supply at the needed level during the summer months. Dana Garner, with the Community Blood Center, says high school and college students are active donors, but in the summer many of them aren’t available.

“Summer, we have a dip in blood donations. Like many people, there are vacations, a lot of the students at colleges and high schools are out of session. Because they’re not available, we rely on people from the community, businesses, to help support the blood supply,” Garner says.

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The American Red Cross has issued an emergency appeal to help boost the blood supply following the Independence Day Holiday.

Blood and platelet donations often decline when schools are out of session and regular donors are on vacation.

Donors of all blood types are needed and those with O negative, B negative and A negative blood are especially encouraged to give. There’s a critical need for platelet donors as well.

Donor Leslee Freund knows all too well about the importance of giving blood.