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Mar 26, 2015
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There are hundreds of practically unknown board games available that are incredibly fun to play, but have fairly complex rules. I love playing them, but it’s hard to get my friends interested in playing.

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2014 was a great year for gaming. We saw some fantastic games like Transistor, Mario Kart 8, and Super Smash Bros.

Bart Brunscheen

I’ve talked a lot about board games here, but, you know, board games are expensive. Some of the games I’ve mentioned cost upwards of $50. And some other games I’ve played, with all of the expansions added, cost well above $100.

This is comparable to video games, sure, but finding copies used or deeply discounted can be a problem. Many board games simply fall out of print instead of being sold for less than the asking price. For many people, they’re simply unaffordable.

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Normally, furniture isn’t something I’d be talking much about on a segment dedicated to gaming. But where you play can be just as important as what you play.

Samuel McConnell

One of the best-selling board games to come out of Europe in recent years is Ticket to Ride, a highly acclaimed and award-winning railway-themed game designed for two-to-five players.