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Bullying is a longstanding problem both in schools and out, but one Wichita musician says that she had heard enough about the issue from young people that she decided to do something to change the problem.

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While we throw the word around like it’s a good thing, nothing threatens us quite like brilliance.

At a recent youth leadership conference for kids with psychiatric diagnoses, I met a young man nobody seemed to know what to do with. During breakout sessions, he wrote bizarre responses to the questions we asked and gave similarly inscrutable answers when we reconvened.

When we asked what you do to help yourself feel well, most of the others mentioned normal kid stuff: “Go to...

Researchers at the University of Kansas have been hired by the State Department of Education to develop a model anti-bullying policy for use in schools statewide.

All Kansas schools must have an anti-bullying policy, but coming up with effective policies and practices to meet that requirement can get complicated. Researchers at the University of Kansas plan to launch a statewide series of meetings in October to present educators with a model policy to build their own programs around...

Wichita teachers are examining their own behaviors to help diminish bullying in schools. Linda Rhone, an educator from Southwestern College, has developed a study to help ensure teachers are not perpetuating bullying in the classroom.

The project is called “Lessening Bullying through Cultural Competence and Transformative Teaching and Learning.”

Rhone launched the study while working as an assistant professor in education at Newman University and partnering with the Wichita...