Century II

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The Wichita City Council passed a motion today that will use nearly $1.5 million in taxes raised by tourism to improve cultural and tourism buildings. The council passed the motion unanimously.


Bill Maher is bringing his standup comedy to the Century II Performing Arts Center on Saturday night. The often-controversial talk show host has a made a career of moderating fiery political discussions for late-night TV. After almost a decade hosting Politically Incorrect, he now has a successful show on HBO called Real Time with Bill Maher. KMUW’s Sean Sandefur recently spoke with the comedian about his approach to entertainment.

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You can share your thoughts on the future of Century II Performing Arts & Convention Center at several meetings coming up soon.

There's one tonight at 5:30 pm, and another on Monday night--both at Century II.

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The City council Tuesday voted to approve a new rate model and rental increases at Century II.

Rental rates have not changed at Century II since 2000.

Under the proposal changes, the performing arts and events center will go from a period rental model to a day rate model.

A 2 percent rate increase will go into effect in January of 2015.

Currently Century II rents for 6 hour periods in the concert hall and on a day rate for the expo halls.