Children Initiatives Fund

macrophile, flickr Creative Commons

A Kansas House committee has voted to block a proposal from the governor affecting funding for children’s programs.

Governor Sam Brownback has proposed sweeping money for the programs into the state’s general bank account. The move would not reduce funding for the programs, just move it.

Republican Representative Mark Hutton says he’s concerned that would make it easier to take the money for other purposes.

“That’s where it can get pushed to other things. The Children’s Cabinet loses control over where those funds go,” Hutton says.

KS Early Childhood Programs Are Almost Out Of Money

May 30, 2013

As Kansas lawmakers continue to search for common ground on a budget, an advocacy group says the long-term future of early childhood programs is at stake.

So far, the competing versions of a state budget for 2014 have all included Gov. Sam Brownback’s plan to transfer $9.5 million dollars from the Children’s Initiative Fund to the State General Fund.