City of Wichita

Nadya Faulx

The City of Wichita is looking at making safety and aesthetic improvements to Old Town.

City Council members approved designs Tuesday for work on 1st and 2nd Streets west of Washington.

The $3.5 million improvement plan includes widening the sidewalks and installing speed bumps at certain intersections to slow traffic without lowering the speed limit.

The City of Wichita is starting the first phase of a project to improve traffic signals.

$500,000 from the city’s Capital Improvement Plan budget will go toward addressing traffic delay times.

Public Works Director Alan King explained at the mayor's briefing Thursday that Wichita has one of the lowest delay times among 100 similarly-sized cities. It takes 20 minutes on average to get across town.

“Still, we want to focus on continuing to reduce our delay times," he said.

City of Wichita

The City of Wichita has been working since Monday in preparation for this weekend’s possible ice storm.

Public Works director Alan King said at a briefing Thursday that trucks have been depositing a brine solution onto streets to reduce the amount of ice that can accumulate. A salt-sand mix will be added to roads once the storm hits.

“We're not 100% sure what's going to happen, but we’re preparing for the worst," King said.

He said there will be some risk for drivers until trucks can lay the salt-sand mix down on all 1500 lane miles of road.

City of Wichita

The Wichita City Council elected a new vice-mayor during a special meeting Monday.

Janet Miller won in a unanimous vote. She represents District 6, which covers north-central Wichita and includes Old Town.

Miller was the only council member to express interest in the position.

"I would be very interested and pleased, it would be my privilege to serve as your vice mayor for this next year," she told the council before the vote.

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The City of Wichita will no longer allow residents to file their own complaints to report noisy dogs.

City Council members approved the amendment at their meeting Tuesday.

Assistant City Attorney Jan Jarman said the change to the city's animal control ordinance is a small one: Residents used to be able to file a charge with no review or oversight from law enforcement, including Animal Control.

Jarman said the ordinance put prosecutors in the position of pursuing complaints where there was no evidence available.

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The City of Wichita has released a map and a list of the streets it plans to repair with money from the sale of the downtown Hyatt hotel.

The $10 million will be enough to fix about 41 percent of the city’s worst asphalt side streets over the next two years. That’s a total of 212 lane miles, located mainly in neighborhoods in established areas of the city.

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Wichita will use some of the money from the recent sale of the downtown Hyatt Hotel to improve city streets.

Half of the revenue from the $20 million sale will go toward repairing some of Wichita’s worst asphalt and concrete streets. Voters rejected a 1 percent sales tax two years ago that would have only generated about $8 million for maintenance over the course of five years.

City of Wichita

The City of Wichita has revealed more details about two development projects totaling $65 million.

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Wichita residents and businesses can expect to see a slight increase in their water and sewer rates next year.

The Wichita City Council approved a water rate increase of 4 percent, and a sewer rate increase of 5 percent for a combined 4.4 percent increase. It’s less than the rate increase approved last year.

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The Wichita City Council will have a first reading of a proposed food truck ordinance at its meeting on Tuesday.