City of Wichita

City of Wichita

The City of Wichita is making improvements to traffic in the area around the new Southeast High School, located at 127th Street East and Pawnee in south Wichita.

Council member Pete Meitzner says the city conducted traffic counts before the school opened last spring, and again after it opened.

“We were able to take additional traffic counts, and we were able to determine what would be the best use of the taxpayer funds related to stop signs, speed limits for safety reasons and traffic lights," he said Thursday at the mayor's weekly briefing.

The Racial Profiling Advisory Board of Wichita will hold a meeting Thursday to continue to address several citizen concerns, including challenges with suspended and revoked driver’s licenses and civil asset forfeiture.

Board member Juanita Ridge says the meetings are held in part to help people bogged down with red tape and a lack of resources to get their needs met. In September, the board partnered with the Kansas Department of Revenue. The agency came to Wichita and issued restricted driver’s licenses to applicants on the spot.


The City of Wichita is deciding between two developers for a new project in Delano. Now, they’re asking for the public’s help in choosing the finalist.

The so-called Delano Catalyst Site sits northwest the intersection of Douglas Avenue and McLean, just between the new $37 million Advanced Learning Library and the $38 million River Vista project.

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One of Wichita’s most famous landmarks is getting some upgrades.

The Keeper of the Plains will undergo several renovations to improve accessibility and safety. The 44-foot steel statue stands at the confluence of the Big and Little Arkansas Rivers and is the site of a nightly fire show.

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The City of Wichita is considering adding an ordinance that would allow food trucks to park and serve food downtown and on city streets.

The proposed change also would establish a single permit for food truck operators giving them permission to set up shop anywhere the trucks are allowed. Right now they have to get an individual permit for each location they visit.

City planner Scott Knebel says current ordinances are outdated.

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Fall may have just started, but the Wichita Fire Department is urging residents to start prepping their houses for "home heating season."

Wichita Fire Chief Ron Blackwell says the department typically sees an increase in house fires during the winter months when people start using their heating systems. There have already been four fatal house fires in Wichita this year, he says: two caused by smoking, and two whose causes have yet to be determined.

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The Wichita Police Department gave an update Thursday on its efforts to implement the recommendations laid out in an extensive assessment released last year. A major focus for the department has been improving the relationship with the community.

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Biking while intoxicated will no longer be treated as a DUI in Wichita.

A new ordinance has created a separate category to charge cyclists who get behind the handlebars while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The City of Wichita considers bicycles to be a vehicle—but the State of Kansas does not.

Wichita Police Chief Deputy Jose Salcido says the inconsistent definitions made it difficult for Wichita law enforcement to charge cyclists with a DUI.

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Update-The U.S. Geological Survey is updating the official magnitude of the Sept. 3, 2016, Pawnee, Oklahoma, earthquake to magnitude 5.8 (from 5.6), making it Oklahoma’s largest recorded earthquake to date. 

Original- According to officials, an earthquake that shook Wichita just after 7 a.m. Saturday caused more damage to city facilities than past quakes, but none of it was significant. Damage from the 5.6 magnitude earthquake has been found to be mostly cosmetic.

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A new hotel is coming to downtown Wichita. As KMUW’s Nadya Faulx reports, the project has some controversial backing from the city.

The Hilton Garden Inn will be built at Douglas Avenue and Topeka, where the current building, Commerce Plaza, has remained vacant for years.