Clay McBride

Speak with Lewis Black for a few seconds and you realize that the comedian has some things on his mind: namely, the 2016 presidential election, something he says has generated its fair share of humor. But, he adds, it’s not necessarily something that has him laughing.

“It’s funny-on-the-surface funny,” he says. “As a comic, I look at it and I laugh. As a person, it’s utterly reprehensible. You’ve got a two-party system. I’ve never been thrilled with either the Democrats or the Republicans, no matter what people think, and the fact of the matter is, this is it. Enough’s enough.

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Like jazz, stand-up comedy is an American invention.

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B.J. Novak cut his writing teeth on comedic TV scripts, most notably for "The Office" where he also played Ryan Howard.

Eventually, he got a book contract. Instead of a comic memoir, Novak set to work writing short fiction in One More Thing: Stories and More Stories.

Novak’s father was a ghost writer whose book Iacocca sold millions of copies but only paid a flat fee—from this, Novak learned how to negotiate the publishing world. He landed a six-figure, two-book contract with the most prestigious literary publishing company, Alfred A Knopf.

Movie Review: The Heat

Jul 4, 2013

The Heat is an unusual buddy-cop movie in that the odd couple cops are women-- it's also unusual in being very funny indeed, and has a plot that pretty clearly hangs together, though it does not particularly feature credibility.

Movie Review: The Internship

Jun 13, 2013

Many moons ago, I read somewhere about Google's way of treating its employees, which was almost like pampered children-- with free food, and weight rooms, and office compounds very much like amusement parks.