At the 72nd annual Tony Awards ceremony on June 10th, the toast of Broadway was The Band's Visit, which took home 10 of the 11 awards it was nominated for, including Best Musical, Best Original Score, Best Book, Best Director, Best Lead Actor, Actress and Featured Actor. Based on an Israeli art-house film by the same name, the story transpires over a single night in a restaurant in a small town in the Israeli desert. The eight-man Egyptian Police Orchestra arrive at the town by mistake, having been booked elsewhere.

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I’ve been really impressed with the hip hop coming out of Chicago lately--emcees like Mick Jenkins, Noname and of course Chance the Rapper have developed a wonderful and distinct sound and emotional range that feels rare in contemporary hip hop. 

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Breakfast in America seems more of a nuisance than a celebrated meal, with quick microwaved sandwiches, frozen waffles and bowls of sugary cereal being common… this is a far cry from our friends across the Atlantic who take breakfast to new heights with their traditional English Fry Up or Full English Breakfast, as it is also known.

It’s interesting what a movie can do to you. Last weekend, I saw the new horror film Hereditary. And when the lights came up, I felt just slightly underwhelmed. Like maybe I was missing something.

For the last week, all the big game companies have been showing off what they’ll have for the next year at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3, in Los Angeles.

The United States’ political system is considered to be a Majoritarian system, which allows for a majority to prevail over a minority. The 2016 election outcome should force us to reckon with a problem in our democracy that is often ignored. The problem is that our political system is increasingly allowing a minority to rule over a majority.

The is true of the Electoral College, which produced a presidential win for Donald Trump even as he lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton by nearly three million votes.

City of Wichita bean-counters are reportedly considering some cuts at CityArts, our downtown facility that provides arts education and instruction, gallery exhibition space and a small gift shop. But they say it’s too early to get concerned, so I thought I’d just get musical:

Every June, I leave Wichita to score US AP History exams for seven days. In a digital age, this is a thoroughly analogue event. This year, more than 450,000 high school students took the four-hour exam and produced more than 2.5 million essays. These essays are handwritten, with words and phrases scratched out and arrows directing you to where the “real” second paragraph can found on page four.

OnWords: Is Unacceptable

Jun 12, 2018

At some point we’ve all heard or said that something or other (quote) “is unacceptable.”

“Is unacceptable” is one of those phrases that seep through the language and bubble up seemingly everywhere.

But there are a few things very wrong with it.

“Is unacceptable” glosses over by whose standards acceptability is being measured. When we say it, what we really mean is that we don’t like something, but the passive construction allows us to avoid the fact that we’re the ones doing the unliking.

Fatima Farheen Mirza opens her debut novel A Place for Us with a wedding. Part of an Indian-American Muslim family, bride Haida is secure knowing her ever-supportive mother is watching over her; Huda, a typical middle child, is the least visible, trying to blend in, but sidelined most of the time; and youngest son Amar’s fraught tension with his father and on-and-off competition with his elder sister is shown through his mother’s worry.