The President speaks to a Boy Scout Jamboree and suddenly scouts have a new campfire song to sing:

OnWords: Tweet

Jul 25, 2017

Remember when tweets were only reserved for birds?

Van L. Johnson

Wichita, like many other U.S. cities during the early-to-mid twentieth century, placed restrictions on how African Americans could use municipal swimming pools. According to numerous local blacks who lived during this era, the pool at Riverside Park was especially notorious in this regard.

The fortunes of local African American swimmers improved dramatically in 1969 with the construction of a swimming pool at McAdams Park. This facility, created by the renowned black architect Charles McAfee, received a design award from the American Institute of Architects in 1970.

Michael Connelly’s latest detective novel, The Late Show, his 30th, introduces a new female detective, Renee Ballard.

Piper Lou-Reneé is a singer-songwriter based in Hutchinson, Kansas, who has released several albums, including 2016’s Regards, Girl.  

Marginalia: Fiona Barton

Jul 21, 2017
Jenny Lewis

Although she spent years working as a journalist, Fiona Barton only recently became a novelist last year with the publication of the psychological thriller, The Widow. And a second thriller, The Child, was just published a few weeks ago.

I probably don’t need to tell you that love is hard. But it could be harder.

'Science' Is Not Interchangeable With 'Progress'

Jul 19, 2017

Science is often believed to be interchangeable with “progress." But the idea of ethical science may conflict with the notion of “progress.”

Clean water? What’s wrong with that? Inconceivable outcomes, that’s what. Clean, potable water is rarely pulled from sparkling streams. More often, it is processed, chlorinated, and flushed into the waste disposal system. Your clean water is presently generated with highly ordered, complex, and dependent systems.

I'm getting older. I'm 58. I started seriously selling my art when I was 26. I get to see some of that 32-year-old work from time to time and am struck by the directions I took.

You might not think of sailing as a popular hobby in Kansas, but the Ninnescah Sailing Association has been taking advantage of the strong Kansas winds at Cheney Lake for more than fifty years. KMUW’s Jonathan Huber spent an evening on the lake with Kent Carter and his crew of sailors from the NSA and prepared this Audio Postcard.