It used to be that we didn’t expect that much from our TV movies. For a long time, there was a good reason a movie would head to television instead of the theater. 

Artist Fred Wassall, born in 1904, moved to Wichita from his home of Birmingham, England, around 1926. He had visited his brother here and decided he liked the small town with the big city flair. 

Musical Space: Caesura

May 22, 2018

(Music: Kendrick Lamar, “Alright”,


Beth Golay / KMUW

5K races are increasing in popularity throughout the country. Saturday saw a total of 5 races in Wichita. Jonathan Huber went through the blocked off streets in downtown Wichita for this Audio Postcard of KMUW’s inaugural 5K.

Nominations for the Tony Awards were recently announced; the ceremony is scheduled for June 10th at Radio City Music Hall and will be hosted by Sara Bareilles and Josh Groban. Even Broadway audience-neophytes will recognize some of the names, which include Denzel Washington for The Iceman Cometh, Amy Schumer for Meteor Shower, Laurie Metcalf and Glenda Jackson for Three Tall Women, and Tony Shalhoub for The Band's Visit, among others.

In 1992, the rap-metal group Body Count released one of the more infamous songs that you’ve probably never heard. The song, "Cop Killer," generated a ton of controversy--even then-President Bush chimed in--and it was eventually removed from the album, but not necessarily for the reason you might think. When asked about it, Ice-T explained that he removed the song because “it got out of hand...let’s get back to real issues, not a record, but the cops that are out there killing people.”

Justin Cary

This piece originally aired on February 10, 2017.  

When most of us think of smoked foods we think of traditional barbecue pits with roaring fires creating smoke and heat to slowly cook things like pork shoulder or brisket.

Practically next door to KMUW’s studio is a little building that has something that Wichita has been missing for years - a real arcade, filled with games from the ‘80s and ‘90s, when arcades were at their peak. This arcade has a name that I think will be really easy to remember - it’s called The Arcade.

I sat down to write this review of Melissa McCarthy’s new comedy Life of the Party, and I was prepared to be super snarky. That generic title, the uninspired storyline -- it was ripe for me to really dig my teeth into it.

But then… I couldn’t do it.

Beth Golay / KMUW

Oh, give me a cone where the cars and trucks roam
Where the street work goes day after day
Where often is heard an offensive swear word
And the traffic's stalled every which way

Cones, cones on the road
Making detours necessary each day
Our streets are so bumpy
But repairs make us grumpy
And we gripe cause there's cones in our way

People say Wichita's got the worst streets of all
It's like driving on a washboard we say
But when new pavement's poured
Those orange cones are abhorred
We go cussing and fussing all day