Like everyone, I was caught off guard and stunned by the mass death and injury that occurred recently in Las Vegas. This shocking event, along with the perils our American brothers and sisters are facing in Puerto Rico made it seem that any commentary I might make about art feel forced and weak.

But I will say that artists and our art mark time. The horrors that occur in life, through time, inevitably show themselves in two- and three-dimensional art forms.

Sung Kim

This is Joanna Newsom, singing her song “Sprout and Bean.” It’s a beautiful tune, but let’s face it: she has a weird voice: unschooled, childlike, amateurish. Her singing is not bad, it’s in tune, you can understand the words, but it still sounds weird.

The recent shooting in Las Vegas was followed by the usual crop of Facebook and Twitter posts decrying either gun violence or gun control, splitting semantic hairs over weapon terminologies and invocations of thoughts and prayers.

The Glass Menagerie was the breakthrough play for Tennessee Williams. It premiered in Chicago in 1944 and soon made its way to Broadway, where it won the New York Drama Critics Circle Award in 1945.

The Cooking with Fire guys continue their series-of-late featuring recipes inspired by movies. This week's motivation: the 2009 animated film, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.  

Jon Reynolds

This commentary originally aired on April 10, 2014.  

Many people are at least sort of familiar with what Dungeons & Dragons is - a role playing game that a group of friends play together using dice and books, rather than a TV and a controller. I love playing D&D, but the games are long, and finding people that aren’t so busy that they can’t play these long campaigns for hours at a time, weeks in a row... well, that’s difficult.

It’s fun to see a tennis movie. Even when I was very young in the 1980s, I can remember being able to recognize Bjorn Borg, John McEnroe, Chrissie Evert, and Martina Navratilova. I knew about Billie Jean King and her 1973 match against Bobby Riggs, but I really had no idea of the spectacle of it, at least as it’s presented in the new movie Battle of the Sexes.

Now come the stories of inspiring heroism, accounts of selfless acts of bravery. There were many who protected others during the Las Vegas shooting rampage. A single shooter’s act of cowardice was greatly outnumbered. Many saved lives and even shielded others with their own bodies as gunfire sprayed about them.

The Kansas Supreme court has ruled that the state’s new school finance formula is unconstitutional and does not adequately fund education. A funding figure that would meet the test of what is “adequate” was not presented by the Court. 

The Insular Cases are a series of U.S. Supreme Court cases decided in 1901 concerning the status of U.S. territories and their peoples acquired by the United States in the Spanish-American War.