OnWords: Function

Oct 3, 2017

The word “function” is applied to people in a variety of ways.

Job descriptions detail basic functions of the position, and mental health professionals declare people high- or low-functioning.

If my goal is to be a “functioning” student, employees, husband or son, my value as a human being is tied up with what I’m doing. That “doing” is generally for the benefit of some social institution or for the sake of someone else’s bottom line.

You can imagine what it might feel like if, through disability or happenstance, one is no longer “functional” in one area or another.

Elisabetta A. Villa

If you need to love a character to love the book, don't hesitate to dive headfirst into Manhattan Beach by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Jennifer Egan.

A conversation about Hmong traditions, the Secret War, voice, and The Latehomecomer, with Kao Kalia Yang.

A Musical Life: Uche

Sep 29, 2017

Uche is a Wichita-based musician who performs as a solo artist and as Uche and The Crash.

“My parents left Nigeria for England in the ‘60s. So, myself and one of my brothers, was born in Leicester, England, which is in the Midlands: Birmingham, Manchester, up there. So, in 1970, we moved here to the States, to Jefferson City, Missouri.

What even counts as success? Is it wealth? Is it fulfilling unbridled ambition? Is it living a life surrounded by those we love? The new movie Brad’s Status forces us to take a hard look at these questions and to ask ourselves what we really value.

Last Saturday it was 90+ degrees. It was the day the 2nd round of murals to be painted in the Douglas Design District lifted off and began. My wife Taeko and I went out to explore the different sites.

Oktoberfest is officially on in Munich with the tapping of a strong local golden lager brewed in March and fermented all summer.

Jonathan Huber

Every third weekend of September, the Walnut Valley Festival takes place in Winfield. For 46 years, it's put together bluegrass, Celtic, folk music, Cowboy, and numerous other genres. People come from all over the world to reunite with their Winfield family.

KMUW’s Jonathan Huber filed this audio postcard with voices from folk musician John McCutcheon and The Steel Wheels’ Trent Wagler, along with music from the festival and the campgrounds.

Broadway had its best season in years, thanks to the fantastic success of Lin-Manuel Miranda's hip-hop-history musical Hamilton. The use of contemporary musical structures, rhythms, and lyrics helped bring the 21st century to a medium that had been, for many, stuck firmly in the mid-20th century. The warm reception of the film La La Land also contributed to this resurgence of the musical, although in a more traditional form.

Travis Shinn

The 1988 Democratic National Convention in Atlanta incorporated ‘designated protest zones’--later more commonly known as ‘free speech zones’--as a way to control and limit the impact that protests might have on the convention. A parcel of land near, but not too close or visible to the event center, was cordoned off, making protests and demonstrations a curious sideshow.