Marginalia: Fiona Barton

Jul 21, 2017
Jenny Lewis

Although she spent years working as a journalist, Fiona Barton only recently became a novelist last year with the publication of the psychological thriller, The Widow. And a second thriller, The Child, was just published a few weeks ago.

I probably don’t need to tell you that love is hard. But it could be harder.

'Science' Is Not Interchangeable With 'Progress'

Jul 19, 2017

Science is often believed to be interchangeable with “progress." But the idea of ethical science may conflict with the notion of “progress.”

Clean water? What’s wrong with that? Inconceivable outcomes, that’s what. Clean, potable water is rarely pulled from sparkling streams. More often, it is processed, chlorinated, and flushed into the waste disposal system. Your clean water is presently generated with highly ordered, complex, and dependent systems.

I'm getting older. I'm 58. I started seriously selling my art when I was 26. I get to see some of that 32-year-old work from time to time and am struck by the directions I took.

You might not think of sailing as a popular hobby in Kansas, but the Ninnescah Sailing Association has been taking advantage of the strong Kansas winds at Cheney Lake for more than fifty years. KMUW’s Jonathan Huber spent an evening on the lake with Kent Carter and his crew of sailors from the NSA and prepared this Audio Postcard.

Mary McCartney

Music news has caught my attention recently. There was the Fyre Festival debacle, where people paid $12,000 apiece to go to an island in the Bahamas, thinking they were going to an exclusive music festival, but finding out it was conceptual existentialist theater. Then the news that tickets to the upcoming Wichita Paul McCartney concert were going for $7000. These are both symptoms of price gouging, which happens a lot in the music biz in ways big and small. Like the fees tacked on to the price of concert tickets.

When 24-year old Chance the Rapper accepted the 2017 BET Humanitarian Award, his brief speech touched on a lot of big ideas: school reform, police brutality and black empowerment.

Theatre critics have often found themselves in the crosshairs over negative reviews. A great review can bring in larger audiences, and in the same way, a negative review can adversely affect the size of the house.

When you think of great American inventors you likely think of men like Benjamin Franklin or Thomas Edison, and that is no surprise. These two men, and their inventions, gave a great deal to not just this country but the whole world.

But what if I told you there was someone who may be even more worthy of the title of Greatest American Inventor? That man was Oliver Evans.

South Korean director Bong Joon-Ho has no shortage of imagination. His wildly entertaining movies The Host and Snowpiercer jammed together genres delightfully to tell their stories, and now he’s back with the tale of the superpig, Okja.