Lisa Halliday’s debut, Asymmetry, is an experiment in the form of the novel, and an exploration of the multilayered life of an artist. It’s made up of three sections: Folly, Madness, and a Coda.

Aaron Rogers

Billy Bloomquist performs under the name William Bloom. His most recent recording is Keys With No Teeth.

We’re dumped right into the middle of the story in A Quiet Place. It’s about three months after something apocalyptic has happened, and we’re with a family taking items from an abandoned grocery store. But despite the fact that there’s clearly no one else around, they’re moving, and searching, and communicating, without… making… a sound.

I want so badly to label the type of work Wichita painter Jack Wilson does. But nothing quite fits.

Professional musicians can write off business expenses from their taxable income, just as with any other profession; for them the cost of clarinet reeds and guitar strings is carefully tallied annually. The rest of us can also get a tax benefit from music, but only in the form of charitable donations. New tax laws have somewhat disincentivized charitable giving going forward, but you still have a week to donate to a music charity for the 2017 tax year.

Jonathan Huber / KMUW

The Wichita Jazz Festival was founded in 1972. Headlining artists typically take part in clinics and workshops with regional middle and high school jazz bands. KMUW’s Jonathan Huber sat in on a workshop that New York bassist Ben Allison led with the McPherson Middle School Jazz Band, where he explained what makes a tune swing, as we hear in this Audio Postcard. 

If you're a fan of comedy...and musicals...and romance...and murder, the Theatre League of Wichita is serving it up in the form of the award-winning A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder.

A term that is gaining more popularity over the past few years is the Anthropocene. 

Justin Cary

Some foods are simply polarizing, with people taking stances on whether or not they should even be consumed. And no, I’m not talking about vegans protesting the eating of animals. I’m talking about oysters.

Toys R Us was my go-to place to buy video games in the 1990’s. In fact, it’s where I got the first games I ever bought - a Game Boy and a copy of Kirby’s Dreamland. The mall had specialty stores like Electronics Boutique, but Toys R Us had the advantage in both accessibility and advertising.