A conversation with Mark McCormick, author of Some Were Paupers, Some Were Kings.

John Mesh

Kristyn Chapman is guitarist with Team Tremolo and Cartwheel. She will next play with the latter band at Kirby’s Beer Store on January 12, 2018.

“I just picked up a Fender Jaguar Pro. It’s a new series of Jaguars that have a maple fretboard. I just loved the way it sounded and I really wanted something I could just pick up and play and be confident about the tone and not have to think about changing out the pickups or whatever. I just wanted to be comfortable playing.

If you’ve heard of Errol Morris, then you likely know that he’s one of the great documentarians of all time, and one of our greatest living filmmakers working in any genre.

I am an artist. I chose this path many years ago. It is how I identify myself. This path is fraught with disaster.

Musical Space: Blue Xmas

Dec 19, 2017

Let’s face it, Christmas has been engineered for the kids. It’s pretty uncomplicated for anyone under 12; winter vacation, TV cartoons, toys and stockings. The music, too, is simple - all jingle bells and ho, ho, ho.

Jonathan Huber

December Saturdays in Old Town Square have been full of festive holiday spirit. Children could tell Santa their Christmas wishes, families went on horse-drawn carriage rides, and--last Saturday--a ukulele choir performed Christmas carols. KMUW’s Jonathan Huber files this audio postcard.

People who believe the arts are not fundamental to a good education are perhaps defining too narrowly the purpose of art, and the skills that come with practicing creative expression.

Christmas music is a funny genre: descended from sacred music, it’s still capable of evoking some serious sentiments, but at the same time it’s fully saturated with commercialism, making our experience of Christmas music more Pavlovian than ecstatic. 

Justin Cary

Prime rib. Just saying these words makes me salivate. For many of us it brings back memories of holidays spent with families, or trips to fancy restaurants where the server would slice your portion off of the whole roast while standing right next to your table.

One of my biggest disappointments this year was Mass Effect: Andromeda. Despite having a pretty OK story, it left a lot of open plot holes. It was clear these were due to be filled by planned expansions and sequels. Unfortunately, the games was so poorly received, especially compared to its predecessors, that its developer Bioware completely dropped support for the game, and canceled all future content. Now, it’s looking like the Mass Effect series might be done for good.