Its production predates written history, and it is not known where cheese was originally made, though the earliest evidence of cheese making can be found in modern-day central Europe.

Once upon a time, the creators of Halo on the Xbox decided to create a new series - this one would have a rich world, and would be online all the time so you could stumble upon battles between a group of players and the enemy at any time while patrolling around. The first game in this ambitious first-person shooter series, Destiny, came out three years ago, and fulfilled most of its promises but felt rather empty. Its sequel, Destiny 2, continues the story and fixes many problems from the first.

It’s been said that there are only two types of stories: “a person goes on a journey” and “a stranger comes to town.” And in director Darren Aronofsky’s new movie mother!, boy howdy, does a stranger come to town.

I am an unabashed lover of autumn. When the light takes on a slight golden cast as it filters through fading leaves, I get a little happier. Don’t get me wrong – I like summer. But it’s just so dang emphatic. 

Ciboski: 2018 Election

Sep 20, 2017

The next election for Kansas governor is in November of 2018.

How many candidates for Governor will there be for each major party?

OnWords: Yeah, No

Sep 19, 2017

On a recent trip with some of my guy friends, we got to discussing the phrase “yeah, no,” a usage that one of our party found particularly annoying.

My annoyed friend considered “yeah, no” a recent development, an inescapable but obnoxious bit of Millennial verbal detritus on par with “LOL” and vocal fry.

I’m not so sure.

“Yeah, no” goes back in my experience at the latest to the 1990s, and its parallels in Spanish and French, “sí, no,” and “oui, non,” are common.

A couple of interpretations of this phrase stand out from its usage.

Past & Present: North End

Sep 19, 2017

A Google Maps search for Wichita lists the area north of 21st Street and west of Broadway as “El Pueblo.” The more common community name for the area is the more generic “North End.”

The number seven can provide structure: the days of a week, the colors of the rainbow, a musical scale.  There are the seven chakras of Hinduism, and seven requests in the Lord’s Prayer. For ancient Egyptians it symbolizes eternal life, a complete cycle, a dynamic perfection. And of course, seven is a lucky number.

Scott Oakes is principal bassoonist with the Wichita Symphony Orchestra. He also serves as Senior Systems Administrator at Juniper Payments LLC, a banking services provider.

“If you’re looking toward the middle or the back of the middle of the orchestra, you’ll see a bassoon. The bassoon is the lowest voice of the woodwind choir, so you’ll hear us often playing things that really sound like a bassline. A lot of the orchestral music of Brahms or Beethoven, you’ll hear us playing a lot of little melodic lines and then, every now and then, a short little melodic solo.

Hermance Triay

A conversation about political cartoons, translation, Shakespeare, and Reputations... with Juan Gabriel Vásquez.