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Therapy for people with disabilities or special needs comes in all forms and at different places, such as doctor offices or rehabilitation centers.

A nonprofit organization, Freedom Hooves Therapeutic Riding Center, offers its services at a ranch in southeast Wichita. The sessions at the ranch involve horses, activities and volunteers.

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At the Wichita Children’s Home Opportunity Zone, teens that have nowhere else to go are getting a chance to make their lives better. Part of the program is known as the Bike Shed. It gives kids a chance to earn their own bike and the knowledge and tools needed to keep it maintained. 

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Sedgwick County commissioners will ask state lawmakers to review election laws on mail-in ballots during the next session.

The request is one of the key initiatives on the county’s 2018 legislative platform.

During the election canvass last month, Sedgwick County commissioners had to disqualify 23 mail-in ballots because voters didn’t sign the envelopes.

The voters were disabled, and needed help completing the ballot. State law requires both an assistant and the voter to sign affidavits for the ballot to be valid.

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Sharon Keagy will be the first to tell you she is not an artist.

The December Democracy on Tap event was held at Roxy's Downtown on Tuesday, December 12. The topic: Volunteerism. Reporters from KMUW News were on hand to share their experiences with community volunteers and to field questions from the audience. Here's the discussion:



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  • Deborah Shaar
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Operation Holiday is still seeking food donations as it prepares for its distribution event next week.

According to a news release Friday, Operation Holiday said about 13,000 people have signed up for help. That means it needs a minimum of 100,000 food items. Right now, the group said, it has left than half of that.

Operation Holiday said it has a particular need for canned soup, proteins and peanut butter. The organization said it also needs blankets and coats, which are distributed with the food.

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Dozens of law enforcement officers and community members lined up to greet an injured Wichita Police officer as he returned home Wednesday on a private flight at a facility near Wichita's Eisenhower National Airport.

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The Wichita Police Department is in the early stages of changing the way it tracks cases involving drug abuse.

Capt. Dan East of the Wichita Police Department’s Special Investigations Bureau says the department is looking to modify how officers classify cases and look for drug evidence in order to get accurate numbers of substance abuse in the community.

“When the police get called to an overdose, at that point, a lot of times we don’t know what the drug is. We don’t know what they have taken if there’s no one else there," he says.

The November Democracy on Tap event was held at Roxy's Downtown on Tuesday, November 14. The topic: Election Trivia.

Some area Girl Scouts stopped by KMUW recently to participate in the Radio Day program. They spent some time in our studios recording their Thanksgiving memories.

Here's a sample from their day...

We think they did a great job and should wear their Radio Day badges proudly.