Carla Eckels

The Kansas African American Museum held a community discussion on Wednesday about a civil rights trail tour taken by Wichitans to Alabama. The summer trip yielded Kansas ties.

The diverse group went to historic sites in Birmingham, Selma and Montgomery. Museum Director Mark McCormick says the group's tour of Selma included a Wichita dimension: A monument, featured in last year's Selma movie, is dedicated to Wichita Rev. James Reeb, a martyr of the civil rights movement.

McCormick says a Recall drugstore in Selma links back to Wichita’s 1958 Dockum Drugstore sit-in.

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Wichita State University's Student Government Association is planning to honor a fellow student who was killed in a terrorist attack in Saudi Arabia earlier this year.

Abduljaleel Alarbash was killed in May while volunteering as a security guard outside of a mosque during a visit home. He reportedly chased a suicide bomber away from the building and was killed when the bomb was detonated.


Leaders in the Kansas capital city say it’s not OK to bare it all. The Topeka City Council has voted to ban public nudity. City Council members referenced an increased number of complaints about nudity recently. Councilman Jeff Coen pointed to an example on the busy shopping strip Wanamaker Road.

“I am a huge supporter of individual liberties, but jogging naked down Wanamaker disrupts the quality of life for the rest of us,” says Coen.

Webb Garlinghouse, who’s associated with a clothing-free camp outside Topeka, calls the ordinance “highly discriminatory.”

Sean Sandefur

The Fairmount neighborhood sits at the south end of Wichita State University’s campus and has the distinction of being the birthplace of the school. But despite the neighborhood’s long and significant history, it has more recently been defined by its crime. KMUW’s Sean Sandefur reports on how a renewed bond between Fairmount and Wichita State could help the community thrive once again.

Abigail Wilson

Ten years ago this month, Hurricane Katrina decimated New Orleans and upended the lives of people who called the city home.

Mike and Katie West lived in the Lower Ninth Ward, and in the time since the hurricane, they have relocated to Lawrence, Kansas.

Tex Texin, flickr Creative Commons

Leaders from around the city spoke out Tuesday afternoon about three shootings that left four people dead in the past few days.

All of the shootings took place in northeast Wichita between Saturday morning and late Monday, including a Wichita State student killed in the parking lot of a dorm on the WSU campus. Three people were killed in two separate shootings Monday afternoon.

Stephen Koranda

For nearly 40 years, Don Wistuba has been running the snack bar at the Kansas Statehouse. Making cash transactions is part of the job and it doesn't seem to be a big deal for Wistuba either, even though he's blind.

But his business will come to a close at the end of the month.After four decades of serving lawmakers and capitol visitors, he's calling it quits.

Linn County Sheriff's Department

Gov. Sam Brownback’s brother, Jim Brownback, has been involved in some long-running disputes with neighbors in Linn County, in Eastern Kansas.

Tim Carpenter, a reporter with the Topeka Capital-Journal, says there are questions about whether Jim Brownback has benefited from his connection to the state’s most powerful politician. Carpenter wrote about the allegations in an article published over the weekend.

Sean Sandefur

Hundreds of people attended a rally on Friday night that called on Sedgwick County Commissioners to do away with millions of dollars of budget cuts.

The phrase “Quit the Cuts” was printed on t-shirts, signs and a huge banner in Wichita’s Old Town district. The rally was organized by Arlen Hamilton of the Arts Council, an organization that’s staring down a funding cut of $14,000.