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Updated on 05/25/16:

A small crowd gathered around a spontaneous memorial along Highway 81 near Excel Industries in Hesston on Wednesday.

Three months ago Cedric Ford, an employee at Excel, started firing a weapon, first in nearby Newton, and soon after at his workplace. Four people, including Ford, were killed.

In the months since the shooting, four sun-bleached t-shirts have been displayed near Excel, along with a makeshift memorial with flowers, American flags, and candles.

Eleven public safety departments in south-central Kansas are hiring, and they’re hoping to fill open positions through a job fair on Wednesday.

The Wichita Workforce Center is hosting the first joint job fair for public safety careers. 

There’s a need for more police officers, firefighters and first responders throughout the region. Wichita Police Deputy Chief Troy Livingston says the department also needs to fill positions beyond law enforcement.

Carla Eckels / KMUW

Hundreds are expected to leave their cars and trucks at home today and cycle in to work as part of Bike to Work Day. It’s just one of the activities planned throughout May to promote riding bicycles, and new bike paths have been developed across Wichita to help with the effort.

KMUW’s Carla Eckels brings us this sound portrait of a ribbon-cutting ceremony along the Redbud Trail. The pause point near Wichita State University showcases images of local trailblazers and mosaic tiles capturing the city's stories.

EngageICT: Environment

May 19, 2016

EngageICT: Environment

April 12, 2016 at Loft 150


Our April Democracy On Tap panel, held at Loft 150 above River City Brewing Company in Old Town, focused on environmental issues—which, for Wichita and Kansas, meant recycling, trash, renewable energy, water and the future of food.

EngageICT: Economy

May 19, 2016

EngageICT: Economy

March 8, 2016 at Abode Venue


Our third Engage ICT: Democracy On Tap panel, held at Abode Venue, delved into a complicated topic that’s sure to shape Kansas’ elections this year: the economy.

EngageICT: Education

May 19, 2016

EngageICT: Education

February 9, 2016 at The Monarch


KMUW’s second Engage ICT: Democracy On Tap event brought together a panel of experts on education in Kansas and at the federal level.

EngageICT: Health Care

May 19, 2016


EngageICT: Health Care

January 12, 2016 at Reverie Coffee Roasters


Engage ICT, KMUW’s civic initiative, kicked off its Democracy on Tap series with a panel on health care.

Deborah Shaar / KMUW

Several churches in Wichita offer dinners for the public and hold bake sales each year. It helps them reach out to the community, and it helps their bottom lines.

Two festivals featuring Lebanese food have been drawing big crowds to St. George and St. Mary churches for eight decades.

More than a thousand people came to St. Mary’s Mediterranean Festival this past weekend. KMUW’s Deborah Shaar takes us inside the kitchen where it all begins.

Courtesy Workforce Alliance

The Workforce Alliance in Wichita is offering workshops and job fairs for youth, and also doing internship placement with various employers.

The Youth Employment Project is an opportunity for young adults to find work, especially through the summer. Angie Duntz, communications manager for Workforce Alliance, says the workshops offer basic information on essential skills and how to keep a job.

Hugo Phan / KMUW

The Lord's Diner is gearing up to feed more people this summer. Last year, the food kitchen saw a dramatic increase in need, and it expects this summer to be the same.

The Lord’s Diner provides more than 2,000 free meals per day. Last summer, that number increased to 3,000.

There are sites downtown and in the Plainview neighborhood, but it's the food trucks that see the most traffic. On Wednesday, 970 meals were served from the truck at the Hilltop Community Center, and 540 meals from the truck near Evergreen Recreation Center.