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6:17 am
Mon July 1, 2013

Licensed Guns Now Allowed In State Buildings

As of Monday, properly licensed firearms will be allowed in all state office buildings, except those exempted by law.

The new law stipulates that concealed carry is permitted in any state or municipal building unless the building has adequate security measures to make sure no weapons are allowed inside.

State correctional facilities, courtrooms and law enforcement agencies are generally exempt from the new law.

Some state health care facilities and post-secondary educational facilities have asked for temporary exemptions from the law.

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6:21 am
Thu June 27, 2013

New Gun Law Means You May Need New A 'No Guns' Sign On Your Building

Attorney General Derek Schmidt says counties and cities that exempt themselves from a new law on concealed weapons need to change any "No Guns" signs on public buildings.

The law, which takes effect Monday, allows people with concealed-carry permits to bring their guns into public buildings that don't have adequate security, such as screening.

Many cities and counties have taken advantage of a provision letting them exempt their buildings for six months.

7:42 am
Fri June 21, 2013

Sen. Knox Defends His Concealed Carry Law Before Legislature

The architect of the new Kansas concealed-carry gun law used the final day of the 2013 legislative session Thursday to respond to his critics.

Republican Senator Forrest Knox of Altoona, Kan.,  urged local governments, schools and courts to abide by the letter and the spirit of the law.

"Armed and law-abiding citizens in Kansas are not a problem," Knox says. "Matter of fact, they're a solution, when trouble comes."

He says the law is intended to enhance public safety.

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8:35 am
Wed June 19, 2013

Kansas Schools Choosing To Arm Employees Could Lose Insurance

EMC Insurance Companies says it won't provide coverage for public school districts that allow armed employees.

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Gun Laws
6:00 pm
Tue June 18, 2013

City Council Approves Concealed-Carry Exemption

The city of Wichita won't allow people to bring concealed firearms into public buildings until at least early next year.

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7:32 am
Thu June 13, 2013

Holcomb Delays Allowing Concealed Weapons In Public Buildings

Holcomb city council has voted to delay implementing a new state law that allows concealed weapons in public buildings. City administrator Robin Pena said the six-month extension will give Holcomb time to create a plan to keep everyone safe.

The law takes effect July 1, but local governments are allowed to seek a delay until Jan. 1, 2014.

6:24 am
Tue May 28, 2013

Cowley College Keeps Ban On Concealed Weapons

Cowley College in Winfield will continue banning concealed weapons inside its buildings and residence halls, as officials study how to implement a new Kansas law.

The law taking effect July 1 prohibits most public entities from banning concealed firearms in their buildings unless the buildings have adequate security. But it also lets public universities and junior colleges exempt themselves for four years. Trustees of Cowley College recently approved such an exemption last week.

6:38 am
Fri May 3, 2013

Applications For Concealed-Carry Permits On Rise In Kansas

Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt says his office is working overtime to keep up with the influx of applications for concealed-carry permits.

Schmidt's office received almost 3,500 in April, making it the third-highest month since the state's licensing program began in 2007.

The office also received a record 4,072 applications in March for the licenses.

Schmidt says his office has been criticized for not processing applications within the legal maximum of 90 days.

Attorney General
4:59 pm
Thu April 18, 2013

Concealed Carry Delays Cause Frustration

Gun rights advocates say the Kansas attorney general's office is struggling to process a record number of applications for concealed carry permits on time.

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Gun Laws
5:46 pm
Wed April 17, 2013

Regents To Revisit Concealed Weapons Policy

The chairman of the Kansas Board of Regents expects the board to reconsider its policy banning concealed weapons on state university campuses.

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