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In a new Digital Cities Survey, Wichita tied for 4th for its efforts in using technology to improve service.

Abigail Wilson

Ennovar, the Institute of Emerging Technology and Market Solutions at Wichita State University announced details of a new partnership with California-based Social Networking Technology Inc. today. KMUW’s Abigail Wilson has more…

The one-year contract, worth more than $600,000, will provide for 18 student positions in the fall semester and up to 30 positions by the end of the contract. Student salaries and nearly $30,000 of tuition reimbursement for students who work for the institute for a full semester are also included in the contract.

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A two-day workshop in Wichita will offer skills on how to email, text, tweet and post on Facebook. The workshop is designed to build intergenerational bonds around African-American culture and technology.

The Digital Elder Project is a traveling, leadership and professional development retreat that teaches digital techniques. Shani Byard, founder and director of the Los Angeles-based, Message Media Ed - School of Black Leadership in the Digital Age, will facilitate the workshop.