Kansas Department of Health and Environment

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment has released an updated fish consumption advisory list for 2018.

State Warns Against Kansas-Caught Fish Consumption

Jan 8, 2013
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State officials have issued revised fish consumption advisories for 2013 because locally caught fish may be contaminated by environmental pollutants.

Children and pregnant or nursing women are advised not to eat fish caught in Kansas more than once a week. They should limit bass consumption to once a month, due to mercury contamination. Everyone else should eat bass no more than once a week.

Legislators worried about the drop in state revenue; Bills have already be introduced for the 2013 legislative session; State warns about Kansas-caught fish consumption.

KS Legislators Warn About Drop In State Revenue

Democrats in the Kansas House say legislators have been warned that Governor Sam Brownback's tax cuts are likely to mean there's less cash to go around.


Bills Coming In For 2013 Legislative Session