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Mexican restaurants abound in Wichita, and each is unique in quality, authenticity, menu and style.

Tanya Tandoc / KMUW

I read cookbooks like novels, and I have ever since I discovered my mothers late 60s edition of Betty Crocker. I have more than 400 food books, and I love them all, even the ones that arent very good.

The cereal aisle is run by kids. It’s their purchasing power that brings TV shows, movies, and even stranger products together with the barons of breakfast.

Mr. T cereal debuted in 1984 and was essentially T-shaped captain crunch. But it got a little more cool when it teamed up with Pee Wee’s Big Adventure . When movies inspire cereals, the commercials sound like trailers. The kids become part of the action and eat like the stars. Less likely products have tested the waters,...

Food: Mouthfeel

Jun 28, 2013
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Lots of people I know are texturally sensitive eaters. They won’t eat anything slimy, bouncy, gummy, gelatinous or spongy. Even the idea of tapioca pudding gives them the shivers.

Douglas County has been awarded grants totaling more than $68,000 for a regional food hub feasibility study.

The year-long study will determine whether 16 counties in the northeast corner of Kansas could benefit by creating a warehouse for locally-grown foods. Lawrence/Douglas County Sustainability Coordinator Eileen Horn says one goal is to help meet the demand from institutional kitchens for fresh, local food.

“We have producers who can grow great fruits and vegetables,...

The Kansas State Department of Education and the USDA are sponsoring a summer food program again this year, for children up to 18 years old. Thirty-seven schools, community centers, and churches throughout Wichita will offer meals without reservations. Participants can go to any of the locations to get breakfast or lunch; some locations serve both daily. The free meal program begins May 29 and runs through July 26. There are no requirements to get a meal. Adults can buy lunch for $3.50,...

The Garden Grill

I am delighted that Chef Miguel Larcher, of the now closed vegan restaurant D’Sozo’, has found a new location and is back to cooking amazing, interesting vegan cuisine. His new place, the Garden Grill Café , is located inside the cool Occidental building downtown. The restaurant is a little hard to find, but just walk in the front door and enter, and you will find yourself in a lovely room, with gorgeous high ceilings and a skylight. Everything on the menu is completely vegan, which means...

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Wichita has a relatively new fun breakfast and lunch spot, the Doo-Dah Diner, just east of the on-ramp to Kellogg, between Broadway and Market.

Fletcher Powell / KMUW

If you don’t already know about The Artichoke , at 811 North Broadway in Wichita, you are missing out.

State Warns Against Kansas-Caught Fish Consumption

Jan 8, 2013
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State officials have issued revised fish consumption advisories for 2013 because locally caught fish may be contaminated by environmental pollutants. Children and pregnant or nursing women are advised not to eat fish caught in Kansas more than once a week. They should limit bass consumption to once a month, due to mercury contamination. Everyone else should eat bass no more than once a week. State health officials advise against eating any catfish, carp, and other bottom-feeding species from...