Greg Orman

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Four years ago, Greg Orman made an independent and notable challenge to Republican U.S. Pat Roberts’ run for re-election.

Now the wealthy businessman has his sights set on the governor’s office, contending that voter frustration with the two-party system gives him a path to victory in November.

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Olathe businessman Greg Orman launched an independent campaign for governor Wednesday, ending months of speculation about his political plans.

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Olathe businessman Greg Orman is close to announcing an independent run for governor in Kansas but has not made a final decision, according to several sources.

Greg Orman gave Republican U.S. Sen. Pat Roberts a scare in 2014 running as an independent.

Now, the wealthy Olathe businessman is preparing to enter a Kansas governor’s race already teeming with candidates.

Speaking on background, sources close to Orman confirm that he’s done polling and is interviewing prospective campaign staff. But, they insist he hasn’t made a final decision.

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Many Kansans expressed surprise at the November election outcomes for senator and governor.

The polls indicated that Greg Orman would likely defeat Senator Pat Roberts and that Democrat Paul Davis would likely defeat Governor Sam Brownback. The polls were wrong because it is difficult to poll individuals who live in the many rural towns scattered across Kansas.

The election outcome did not surprise me.

Could Anti-Incumbency Decide Kansas Races?

Oct 24, 2014
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Although midterm elections are less than two weeks away, a number of races in Kansas are still up in the air. Polls haven’t indicated a clear favorite for governor or the U.S. senate. KMUW’s Sean Sandefur takes a look at the political makeup of Kansas voters and why some incumbent Republicans are fighting for their lives.

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Democrats no longer have a candidate for a U.S Senate race in Kansas after Chad Taylor dropped out. Now, it's not clear what role, if any, the state Democratic Party will take in the campaign. Stephen Koranda reports.

There's no love lost between Republican Senator Pat Roberts and the leaders in the Kansas Democratic party. But that doesn't mean top-ranking Democrats are throwing their support behind independent candidate Greg Orman. Joan Wagnon is the chair of the Kansas Democratic Party.

Stephen Koranda


Shawnee County court says Democrats don't have to name a new candidate for the U.S. Senate to appear on the Kansas ballot. In its ruling today, the court said the party could choose a replacement for Chad Taylor but didn't have to do so. Taylor dropped out of the race last month and his name has been removed from the ballot, leaving no Democrat to challenge incumbent Republican Pat Roberts. Kansas Democratic Party Chair Joan Wagnon defended the party’s decision not to appoint a new candidate.

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Independent U.S. Senate hopeful Greg Orman has released a financial disclosure form, and it indicates he could be one of the wealthiest members of the Senate, if elected.

Stephen Koranda reports.

Orman's assets are somewhere between $21 and about $85 million. That wide range is because exact amounts aren't required on disclosure forms. Instead, the candidates pick from a range of values.

Independent Kansas Senate candidate Greg Orman acknowledges having a modest business tie to a former Goldman Sachs board member convicted of insider trading in 2012.

Orman said Wednesday during a news conference that Rajat Gupta is a friend and that he won't abandon a friend who's made a mistake.

Orman is promoting his business experience as he tries to unseat three-term Republican incumbent Pat Roberts.

The race is competitive, making Kansas an unexpected battleground in the fight for control of the Senate.