Hurricane Sandy

Westar Crews Help Restore Power on East Coast

Nov 1, 2012
Michael Kappel / Flickr

Crews from Westar Energy are helping restore the power in Wilkes Barre, Penn., after Hurricane Sandy left damage and widespread power outages in its wake.

Westar Spokesman Nick Bundy says helping out now could later benefit customers in Kansas.

"Once their done assisting this utility company, which it sounds like they didn't get the brunt of it, I imagine they will go on to assist another utility company," he says.

Kansas taxes fall short of October expectations; Survey of the Midwest predicts economic slump; Westar Energy crews help out in superstorm recovery.

KS Taxes $37M Short Of Expectations In October

A new report says Kansas collected $37 million less in taxes than anticipated in October, but officials think the shortfall will be temporary.

The Department of Revenue said Wednesday the state took in almost $477 million during the month. That's about 7 percent less than the $514 million officials had expected.

Kansans Assisting In Storm Prep

Oct 29, 2012

Kansans are helping on the East Coast as Hurricane Sandy approaches.

Sharon Watson is with the Kansas Adjutant General's Department. She says Kansas is sending a response team to Maryland.

"To support them in planning, operations, logistics, finance, administration," says Watson. "Those types of behind-the-scenes roles that really help keep the disaster response running smoothly."

Watson says aircraft from some East Coast military bases have also been moved to Topeka to keep them out of harm's way.