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This summer’s employment outlook is down from last year, but many local businesses are still looking to hire new staff.

A new survey from the employment company Manpower shows that 20 percent of Wichita employers are looking to boost their staff in the coming months. That’s down slightly from last quarter, when 22 percent of employers said they planned on new hires.

Kansas Department of Labor

The latest jobs report for Kansas is a mixed bag.

Kansas’ unemployment rate fell slightly for the second month in a row, but the state Department of Labor says job growth has stalled.

According to a report released Friday, the unemployment rate for April was 3.8 percent, down from March's rate of 3.9 percent. It’s also down from April of last year, which was 4.2 percent.

Locally, Sedgwick County’s unemployment rate dropped sharply, from 4.6 in March to 3.9 in April.

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People who have spent time in jail can learn about employment opportunities at a job fair Saturday at Wichita's St. Mark United Methodist Church.

The job fair will assist people who find it hard to get employed after being incarcerated. Coordinator Dennis Wilkinson says these men and women are highly motivated.

"And they really want to change their lives, they really want to move forward and they really want a chance," Wilkinson says. "We're asking employers to give people an opportunity to prove what they can do."

Kansas Unemployment Falls Slightly In March

Apr 15, 2016
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The Kansas Department of Labor has released its jobs report for March. The state’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate came in at 3.9 percent, slightly lower than February’s 4 percent.

The unemployment rate for March was also lower than March of 2015, which recorded a rate of 4.3 percent. That’s a growth of nearly 23,000 jobs, according to the Kansas Department of Labor.

The report also states that 2,500 non-farm jobs were created from February to March, most of which was seen in private sector areas like trade, transportation and utilities.

Kansas Department of Labor

The Kansas Department of Labor has released its February jobs report for the state.

February’s unemployment rate in Kansas came in at 4 percent, remaining unchanged from January. Numbers were slightly better than February of last year, when unemployment was at 4.3 percent. The national average is 5.5.

But despite the unemployment rate improving from last year, Kansas is losing jobs. The report shows a loss of 1,900 non-farm jobs from January to February, with construction taking the biggest hit.

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A survey of business officials in the middle of the country paints a dim outlook for the region’s economy. The survey by Creighton University shows a negative outlook for job growth and overall business conditions in Kansas and other mid-America states.

Creighton economics professor Ernie Goss says the numbers show manufacturing has taken a hit in the region, with more than 1 percent of manufacturing jobs lost in the last year.

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Unemployment numbers for September show improvements both statewide and in Wichita.

Wichita’s unemployment rate fell to 4.4 percent last month, a stronger showing than in August, which experienced 5 percent unemployment. The statewide unemployment rate for September is also 4.4 percent, down from 4.6 percent in August.

Kansas Awarded $5.6M Grant For Workforce Development

Oct 5, 2015
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The state of Kansas has received a sizable grant from the federal government to help people struggling to find jobs.

The Kansas Commerce Department has been awarded nearly $5.6 million from the Workplace Innovation Fund, which will be used for job placement and training in a variety of industries.

Spokesperson Matthew Keith says the program will focus on people facing multiple barriers to employment.

Kansas Unemployment Remains At Nearly Five Percent

Sep 18, 2015

Kansas’ unemployment rate in August remained unchanged from July and is still higher than this time last year.

According to the August jobs report from the Kansas Department of Labor, last month’s unemployment rate was 4.6 percent statewide, which is unchanged from July.

It’s also higher than numbers recorded in August of 2014, when unemployment sat at 4.3 percent. The difference between those two rates translates to more than 27,000 people who are now unemployed.

A new survey suggests that the economic outlook for 10 Midwest and Plains states is weaker than in previous months.

The Rural Mainstreet Index sank to growth neutral 50.0 in August from 53.4 in July. The survey indexes range from 0 to 100. Any score below 50 suggests decline in that factor in the months ahead. Bankers from Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming were surveyed.