Kansas Day

Finding Hope In The Bleak Midwinter Of Kansas

Jan 29, 2016
Patrick Emerson, flickr Creative Commons

Winter can be a tough time to find beauty in the Kansas landscape. Despite the lack of color in the countryside, writer and commentator Cheryl Unruh believes there are symbols of hope hidden in the scenery. Some lie tucked inside the barren countryside, while others tower above us.

Commentator Cheryl Unruh is a writer and author who lives in Emporia. Her latest book is called Waiting on the Sky. Find more of her essays at FlyOverPeople.net.

State officials are marking Kansas' 153rd anniversary with a dedication of the newly renovated Capitol in Topeka today.

The 13-year renovation cost nearly $330 million dollars.

It included new ventilation and electrical systems, replacing of the roof and dome, and constructing a visitor center.

The project was carried out in phases and financed with bonds.

Hundreds of schoolchildren will join Governor Brownback, legislators and other officials for the festivities today.

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One nice thing about teaching Kansas history is that it is easy to draw a state map: just create a rectangle with one corner nibbled off.

This map could have been very different, however.

Our story begins in 1854, with the creation of the massive Territory of Kansas that extended from Missouri to the Continental Divide. With Utah on its western border, territorial Kansas included both Pike’s Peak and Bent’s Fort.