Kansas House

2:31 pm
Wed March 6, 2013

Kansas House Considers Bill Limiting Teacher's Negotiation Rights

Kansas legislators returned from a four-day break Wednesday  to discuss a bill that would narrow contract negotiations between teachers and public school districts.

Substitute House Bill 2027 has been criticized by as an "attack on educators" by the Kansas National Education Association.

The House Committee on Commerce, Labor, and Economic Development considered the bill today . The measure would reduce the number of issues that teachers could negotiate with local school boards.

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2:51 pm
Fri March 1, 2013

Dozens Of Bills Passed Before Legislative Deadline

"Turnaround" is basically the midpoint of the legislative session. Most bills that haven’t passed one chamber by today are dead for this year.

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4:07 pm
Fri February 22, 2013

House Resolution Opposes Medicaid Expansion

Kansas lawmakers are considering a resolution that would underscore the Legislature's opposition to a proposed expansion of Medicaid programs.

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5:12 pm
Wed February 20, 2013

House Committee Takes Testimony On Abortion Bill

A Kansas House committee held hearings today on a bill that would put new restrictions on abortion in Kansas.

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2:15 pm
Tue February 19, 2013

New Bill Says Guns Made, Sold in Kansas Not Subject To Federal Rules

Gun rights advocates in Kansas want lawmakers to counter any moves by the federal government to restrict access to firearms.

Advocates traveled to Topeka Tuesday to hear the House and Federal State Affairs Committee consider a bill that aims to protect gun rights in Kansas.  

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12:20 pm
Mon February 18, 2013

KS Schools Could See Small Boost In Per-Pupil Funding

Kansas' public schools could receive a slight increases in per-student spending starting in fiscal year 2015.

The State House Appropriations Committee accepted a subcommittee's report on K-12 spending Monday morning. The subcommittee's budget allocates more than $3 billion dollars for all public schools. Funding per pupil would remain at $3,838  for fiscal year 2014 but would increase marginally by $14 per pupil starting July 1, 2014.

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3:54 pm
Fri February 15, 2013

House Leaders Say Support For Gov. Brownback's Tax Plan Is Low

On Friday, Republican leaders in the Kansas House there's little support in their chamber for Gov. Sam Brownback's proposal to raise additional sales tax revenue.

House Speaker Ray Merrick of Stilwell and Majority Leader Jene Vickrey of Louisberg said the measure proposed by Gov. Brownback does not seem viable.

Brownback wants to cancel a decrease in the sales tax scheduled for July. The 6.3% tax is set to drop to 5.7%. The governor would use that added revenue to stabilize the state budget, so that he could eliminate individual income taxes over the next four years.

State Budget
3:39 pm
Fri February 15, 2013

House Leaders Disagree On Using State's Ending Balance

There's some disagreement among leaders in the Kansas House over using the state's financial reserves to help balance the budget.

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3:44 pm
Mon February 11, 2013

Democrats Unveil Jobs Proposals

Democrats in the Legislature have unveiled their jobs proposals for this session.

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3:35 pm
Fri February 8, 2013

House Dems Spur Debate On Tax Plan

In the Kansas House Friday, work on a technical bill that would make adjustments to last year's tax cut turned into a debate over Governor Sam Brownback's latest tax plan.

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