Kansas National Guard

Kan. Furloughed Employees Recalled To Work

Oct 15, 2013

Civilians who were furloughed at two Kansas National Guard maintenance sites will go back to work.

The Kansas Adjutant General's Department said Monday that 126 of the 263 federally-funded state employees will return to work at sites in Salina and Fort Riley.

The employees perform maintenance on military equipment for active duty and reserve units.

The department says they can be recalled because they are working under funding from the fiscal year that ended on September 30.

Kansas National Guard Recalled From Shutdown

Oct 8, 2013

All but five of the 772 Kansas National Guard airmen and soldiers who were furloughed last week because of the partial federal government shutdown are being called back to work.

The Kansas adjutant general's office said Monday that the recalls came after the Department of Defense issued guidance over the weekend regarding which employees were covered by the federal furlough orders.

Those five National Guard technicians who remain furloughed don't meet the guidance for recalls as stated by Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel.

Federal Shutdown Hits Kansas National Guard

Oct 1, 2013

Seven hundred Kansas National Guard personnel are being sent home as the impact of the federal government shutdown takes hold.

Furloughs Coming For Kansas National Guard Members

May 16, 2013

The Kansas National Guard says it will furlough about 1,100 members for up to 11 days because of federal funding shortfalls.

Major General Lee Tafanelli, who heads the Kansas National Guard, says the furloughs will affect members whose jobs are federally funded, such as those in administration and logistical support.

No furloughs are planned for active-duty and reserve members. The furloughs were ordered by the Defense Department.