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A conservative Kansas think tank is hoping to help launch a new legal institute next year to represent people who have conflicts with state and local governments.

The Kansas Policy Institute announced Monday that it is starting fundraising for a new Kansas Justice Institute and hope the institute can begin operations next year.

KPI President Dave Trabert said that while his small-government, anti-tax organization would help the nonprofit justice group form, it would be independent with its own board of directors.


The Kansas Policy Institute, a free-market think tank based in Wichita, says it is planning to launch its own online news service.

The service will be called The Sentinel. Kansas Policy Institute President Dave Trabert announced the plan in a video on the organization's website.

“Are you tired of not getting honest information from government? Have you had it with media bias?" he says. "Well, if so, then I have some good news for you.”

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A bill in a Kansas Senate committee would require teachers union members to vote every year on whether to keep the union in place.

Supporters of the proposal say union members should have a right to vote on keeping the union, even if it was already in place when they were hired.

“Once the bargaining unit is there, it’s there," says Dave Trabert with the conservative think tank the Kansas Policy Institute. "If it’s been there 30 years, and you’ve been with the company 25 years, you never had an opportunity to vote on that."

A commission will be working over the coming months to look for possible ways Kansas schools could more efficiently use tax dollars. The group is made up of former lawmakers, education officials and members of advocacy groups like the Kansas Policy Institute.

Those on the commission don't always see eye-to-eye on education issues.

The group elected former advertising executive and Wichita Chamber of Commerce Chairman Sam Williams to head the commission. He says he'll be working to get everyone on the same page.

Former Kansas Budget Director Steve Anderson is going to work for a think tank that advocates tax cuts and lower school funding.

The certified public accountant will have a part-time consulting role with the Wichita-based Kansas Policy Institute.

KPI President Dave Trabert says Anderson's experience as a CPA and his time in government make him "uniquely qualified to find fiscally responsible solutions in government."

As the state's budget director for the past three years, Anderson pushed for Brownback's fiscal policies.