Kansas tax plan

The state Department of Revenue reported on Tuesday that its tax collections fell $21 million dollars short of expectations in September.

The Department said corporate income tax collections exceeded expectations, $86.5 million dollars in corporate tax collections in September, 33 percent more than the predicted $65 million.

Even with the corporate taxes, the state collected $521 million dollars in taxes for September, 4 percent less than the $542 million it had anticipated.

The chair of the Kansas House Tax Committee is responding to some Democrats' claims about the tax plan passed by the Legislature last weekend.

Kansas lawmakers just returned to the Statehouse on Wednesday, but already it looks like a disagreement on taxes could push the session past lawmakers' 80-day deadline.

House and Senate Republicans disagree on whether to extend a temporary sales tax increase. It's set to expire on July 1, and House leaders want to let it end as planned. Republican leaders in both chambers want to lower income tax rates, and Senators say keeping the sales tax elevated allows the state to lower income tax rates more quickly.

Analysts Call Kansas Tax Plan Worst In Nation

Apr 16, 2013

In a recent article in Governing Magazine, two tax analysts were asked which state had passed the worst tax policy in the last year, and both said Kansas.

One of the analysts was from the left-leaning Center on Budget and Policy Priorities and the other was from the right-leaning Tax Foundation.