Kevin Yoder

Kansas News Service/File photo

There’s apparently another early entry into a 2018 Kansas congressional race.

Democrat Jay Sidie lost his 2016 campaign against incumbent 3rd District congressman Kevin Yoder by about 10 points -- but that was much closer than many expected.

Now Sidie has sent out an email fundraising appeal, asking supporters to kick in $5 to a potential rematch with Yoder.

Jim McLean / Kansas News Service

Members of the Kansas congressional delegation are under fire — like many of their colleagues across the country — for ducking town-hall meetings with their constituents.

An amendment to a bill offered by Republican Kansas Congressman Kevin Yoder could cost some Kansas counties federal funding.

Yoder’s proposal would strip existing Federal Emergency Management Agency grants away from local governments that are not fully enforcing national immigration laws.

Under the amendment, Shawnee, Johnson and Sedgwick counties could all lose a substantial amount of federal money. They would still be eligible for disaster aid.

The all-Republican Kansas delegation in the U.S. House of Representatives was evenly split on the House's budget bill.

Congressmen Mike Pompeo and Tim Huelskamp voted against the bill.

Both said one reason was because it undoes some of the sequestration cuts that took effect earlier this year.

Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins supported the agreement because it cuts long-term spending, and she says there would be increases in short-term spending with or without this bill.