According to a survey taken by Wichita's RSA Marketing, Koch Industries is the most recognizable brand from Kansas.

More than 1,000 Kansans were asked to name the Kansas-based brand they think is the most famous. Koch Industries took the top spot, followed by Pizza Hut, KU, Garmin and Coleman. Aircraft companies Boeing and Cessna also were in the top 10.


The MSNBC talk show Morning Joe was broadcast live from Wichita State University on Tuesday. It featured an interview with Charles and David Koch of Koch Industries in Wichita.

Forbes Names Koch Brothers Among Richest In US

Oct 15, 2015

Forbes Magazine has jointly named Wichita brothers Charles and David Koch the fifth-richest Americans. The list puts their wealth at $41 billion each.

The Koch brothers came in behind Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett, Oracle founder Larry Ellison and Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos. The list was released last month and will be featured in a print version of Forbes Magazine Oct. 19.


The Wichita Center for the Arts will be moving to a brand new building thanks to a sizable donation by the Koch Foundations.

In total, the Fred and Mary Koch Foundation is gifting the Wichita Center for the Arts $6 million. That’s in addition to the Charles Koch Foundation donating 17 acres of land that’s worth about $4.5 million.

A judge has temporarily blocked the University of Kansas from releasing emails and other documents to a student group that is looking for ties between a research center and Charles and David Koch.

Douglas County District Judge Robert Fairchild issued an order Thursday after Art Hall sued the university.

Hall is the Executive Director of the Center for Applied Economics at KU.

Hall wants block the release of emails and other documents to the group Students for a Sustainable Future. The group is concerned about a relationship between Hall, the center, and the Kochs.

A conservative Kansas House member is accusing Koch Industries of trying to punish him politically for questioning the company’s lobbying against the state’s renewable energy standards for utilities.

Olathe Republican Scott Schwab says the Kansas Chamber of Commerce is not endorsing him in the August 5th Republican primary because of a confrontation he had with Koch lobbyists last year.

The chamber and Koch Industries oppose a law requiring utilities to have renewable resources account for 20 percent of their total capacity for generating electricity by 2020.

A Wisconsin truck driver who joined a cyberattack on Koch Industries was sentenced Monday to two years' probation... and ordered to pay $183,000 in restitution.

Eric Rosol of Black Creek, Wis., was sentenced Monday in U.S. District Court for taking part in the cyber-attack on Koch Industries.

He pleaded guilty earlier to a misdemeanor count of accessing a protected computer.

The parties agreed that the direct loss from the attack was less than $5,000.

The Wisconsin truck driver who joined a cyberattack on Wichita's Koch Industries will be sentenced Monday in U.S. District Court in Wichita.

Eric Rosol is charged with misdemeanor count of accessing a protected computer.

Prosecutors agreed in Rosol's plea deal to recommend a sentence at the low end of federal guidelines.

Koch's website was offline for about 15 minutes on the day of the attack in 2011.

The attack was organized by the hacking group Anonymous.

The parties agreed the direct loss to Koch was less than $5,000.

Accused Koch Cyberattacker Back In Court

Sep 11, 2013

Thirty-seven-year-old Eric J. Rosol of Wisconsin is due back in federal court Wednesday.

Rosol is accused of joining a cyberattack on Koch Industries in Wichita.

Prosecutors allege that, back in February of 2011, the hacking group Anonymous asked conspirators to use a tool that could send a high volume of repeated requests to several Koch Industries websites.

Many people complied, and the company's main website crashed.

Rosol was indicted in March on one count each of damaging a computer and conspiracy to damage a computer.

Wichita-based Koch Pipeline Company is looking for shipping commitments from oil producers to use a proposed pipeline that would carry hundreds of thousands of barrels of crude oil.

Koch says oil shippers have until August 14 to solicit interest in the Dakota Express Pipeline.

The company believes the pipeline could be up and running by 2016 and would have the capacity to move 250 thousand barrels of crude daily. The line would move the crude oil from western North Dakota to Illinois.

Koch did not disclose the cost of the pipeline.