KS Supreme Court

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The Kansas Republican Party will vote Saturday on whether to support ousting some state Supreme Court justices.

The GOP’s proposed resolution points to gripes with the Kansas Supreme Court over death-penalty reprieves and rebukes of school finance policies.

Five Supreme Court justices are up for retention on the November ballot, but Republicans would be targeting just four.

“Be it resolved,” the resolution reads, “the Kansas Republican Party supports the non-retention of Justice Lawton Nuss, Justice Marla Luckert, Justice Carol Beier, and Justice Daniel Biles.”

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Republican Gov. Sam Brownback has signed legislation to keep Kansas' courts open following a legal dispute involving their budget and the state Supreme Court's power.

Brownback signed the bill Monday, and it could take effect later this week. The measure repeals a 2015 law threatening the court system's budget.

That law said the judiciary's budget through June 2017 would be nullified if the courts struck down a 2014 law.

Brownback says higher education in the state may see some additional funds for specific projects; The Kansas Supreme Court is expected to rule in Kline case; Finalists have been chosen for the court seat being vacated by Judge Christel Marquardt.

Brownback: Higher Ed May See Targeted Funds

Governor Sam Brownback says the Kansas higher education system might get additional funds next year for specific initiatives, but he's advising officials not to push for general budget increases.