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It’s been eight months since Sheinelle Jones joined the weekend team at the "Today" show. The news anchor recently traveled back to her hometown of Wichita--on her first weekend off from the network-- to speak at the Alpha Kappa Alpha 80th anniversary banquet. KMUW’s Carla Eckels talks with Jones about her journalistic beginnings, which lead to her high-profile life at NBC in New York.

Is 'Free' Really Free?

Apr 16, 2014

This is the final weekend for the exhibition FREE TEXTS by Stephanie Syjuco at the Ulrich Museum.

Syjuco is a recent recipient of the Guggenheim Fellowship and her solo exhibition proves that the re-conceptualized Ulrich Underground is a perfect space for experimentation and contemporary artistic talent.

NPR media correspondent David Folkenflik has just published Murdoch’s World: The Last of the Old Media Empires, a volume that examines media mogul Rupert Murdoch’s reach across three continents—touching on Australia, North America and Europe, with a brief—and late—visit to Asia.

The book covers  many issues, including Murdoch’s youth in Australia, his expansion into television and his seeming inability to penetrate the Chinese media market.