Taps: The Hardest 24 Notes

Dec 7, 2015
Courtesy photo

This story originally aired during Morning Edition on 05/25/15.

A Marine Corps veteran in Wichita volunteers his time to play what many call the hardest 24 notes a musician will ever play: taps. Few melodies are as easily recognized or emotional as the tune, which is standard at military funerals.

Today, there are so few buglers available that the military services cannot always provide one. KMUW's Abigail Beckman presents this sound portrait with Tim Emerson, who is a member of Bugles Across America.

Gov.  Sam Brownback has proclaimed Wednesday "Armed Forces Appreciation Day" in Kansas.

The governor says it's "a chance to show our deep gratitude for their service and sacrifice--and the sacrifice made by their families. Today we pledge our support for them in peace, in crisis, and in war."