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U.S. Attorney Barry Grissom Discusses Hate Crimes

Oct 30, 2014
Abigail Wilson

U.S. Attorney Barry Grissom spoke against hate crimes on Wednesday during a presentation at Wichita State University. The Hate Crime Prevention Act was passed five years ago this month. KMUW’s Abigail Wilson has more.

Grissom spoke to students about the need to eradicate both hate and hate crimes. He mentioned several events in Wichita that were found to be motivated by hate including arson at a mosque in 2011 and the vandalization of a mural celebrating immigration earlier this year.

Members of a mosque in Wichita continue renovation efforts after a fire severely damaged their west side building on October 31, 2011.

Abdelkarim Jibril, president of the Islamic Association of Mid Kansas, says the fire caused an estimated $150,000 in damage.

The west side mosque at 3406 W. Taft was the first established in Wichita in 1978.

“The mosque now has a new roof and windows but there’s still lots of work to be done and there is a lot of money being spent to rebuild,” said Jibril.