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What's the point of reviewing Man of Steel beyond saying it is, one, typical of the comic book genre; and, two, disappointing in all aspects except special effects?

Many moons ago, I read somewhere about Google's way of treating its employees, which was almost like pampered children-- with free food, and weight rooms, and office compounds very much like amusement parks.

Movie Review: Epic

May 30, 2013

There are animators who could give Pixar a run for its money, and among them are the makers of Epic.

Science fiction movies always are hard for me to discuss, because they go by rules that are obscure to me, such as those allowing amputations—and even death—to be temporary conditions. But let’s see what can be done with Star Trek Into Darkness.

The Great Gatsby is so good that I am required to give up my dislike of writer-director Baz Luhrmann for his William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet and Moulin Rouge, because in The Great Gatsby Luhrmann forgets about calling attention to himself and devotes himself to his material, and comes as close to doing justice to F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic novel as I expect any movie director ever can.

Every so often, my duties to the general public force me to suffer through a movie I would ordinarily not-- and Iron Man 3 is an action movie, a borderline science fiction movie, and a special-effects movie, any one of which would ordinarily save me my movie dollar. So don't expect my comments here to do justice to Iron Man 3.

Movie Review: Mud

May 2, 2013

Mud is a first-rate little drama of life among the lower classes, a little like Winter's Bone, and maybe a good deal more subtle than it seems at first glance.

Movie Review: Oblivion

Apr 25, 2013

Friday's "Go!" section in the Eagle said some things so generic to current movies that I have half a mind to make a rubber stamp of it to use as a template for future reviews.

Movie Review: Trance

Apr 18, 2013

Even with a little help from some people in the audience, I'm not sure I can say that Trance makes complete sense.

The Croods is a quite enjoyable animation that might have been a little better if it had made up its mind what it wanted to do and worked a little harder to avoid repetition.