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Wolf Creek Deemed Safe, But Still Under Scrutiny

Apr 19, 2013

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) says the Wolf Creek nuclear plant operated safely last year.

But the only nuclear power plant in Kansas remains under heightened scrutiny because of a series of problems. Wolf Creek was shut down for more than two months in 2012 after a transformer failed.

The NRC says that was because the plant didn’t properly supervise contractors working on the equipment.

At a public meeting hosted by the NRC on Thursday, Wolf Creek President and CEO Matt Sunseri outlined steps the plant has taken to improve safety and reliability.

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Three Mile Island stands out as one of the greatest U.S. tragedies, and possibly the first major disaster of the nuclear age. Being one of the first, and one of the most publicized reactor meltdowns in world history, it would be almost a decade before the disaster was overshadowed by that of Chernobyl.