An advocacy group based in Washington says a business incentive program in Kansas is biased in favor of large businesses.

The PEAK program allows businesses to keep most of the state withholding taxes when they create certain types of jobs. The group Good Jobs First says larger organizations are less likely to need to help provided by PEAK.

Matt Keith, with the Kansas Department of Commerce, says the group is only looking at one of the state’s incentives.

A recent audit says the state has mishandled an economic development program. And in response, Gov. Sam Brownback says his administration will look at possible changes.

The Kansas Department of Commerce administers the PEAK program, short for Promoting Employment Across Kansas. It provides tax incentives for companies creating jobs in the state. The audit says the program overspent its $6 million budget for incentives last fiscal year by $1.5 million. Gov. Brownback says his office is studying the report.