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An Iowa Republican is questioning Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s commitment to ethanol. 

U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley says Hillary Clinton has been exploring an energy policy in California that focuses on carbon reduction and relies upon a market strategy.

That contrasts with the existing Renewable Fuel Standard, which mandates production of ethanol and other bio-based fuels. The RFS has been a boon to Corn Belt farmers.

The Kansas Senate has voted 25-15 to repeal the state's Renewable Portfolio Standards, which require 20 percent of Kansas power generation to be from renewable sources by 2020. The requirements were passed in 2009 and have been credited with helping promote wind power development.

The vote came after more than an hour of debate. Opponents of the standards say they pick winners and losers, and wind power growth has outpaced the renewable requirements. They argue that the standards have led to rate increases with more in the future. Senator Rob Olson is an Olathe Republican.

The Senate Utilities Committee has voted to repeal the state's renewable energy standards.

The bill would repeal the 2009 Renewable Portfolio Standard, or RPS.

It required major utility companies to have the capacity to generate 10 percent of their energy through a renewable source by 2011.

It also called for the companies to generate 15 percent of their energy through a renewable source by 2016 and 20 percent by 2020.

Renewable energy advocates say repealing the standards would hurt Kansas' ability to recruit industries.

The USDA's Rural Energy for America Program is giving about $394,000 in grants for 38 renewable energy and energy-efficiency projects within the state.

Eight grants went to businesses, and the rest were awarded to agricultural operations.

Most involved replacing equipment or inefficient systems--like switching from diesel to electricity or natural gas...or replacing doors, windows and heating systems.

The largest grant for $33,000 went to the Historic Breckenridge Hotel in Emporia.

Westar Seeks Renewable Energy Bids

Aug 23, 2013

Westar Energy Inc. is trying to expand its renewable energy portfolio.

The state's largest electric utility says it's accepting proposals from developers to add at least 80 megawatts of wind energy production, through September 13. Westar wants to enter into long-term contracts to help it meet state renewable energy requirements for 2016. The standard requires utilities to get 15 percent of their peak power through renewable sources.

Westar has almost 700 megawatts of renewable energy resources in Kansas, in addition to its coal and natural gas power plants.

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A new effort to roll back new green energy standards in Kansas utilities has stalled in the state Legislature. 

The House Energy and Environment Committee  tabled a bill today that would put off a requirement for utilities to generate at least 20 percent of its energy with renewable resources by the year 2020.  The tabled bill would rolled back the standard to 15 percent, not 20.

Renewable Fuel Mandate Could Get Deadline Extension

Feb 6, 2013

A Kansas Senate committee is debating whether to delay or change requirements that the state's utility companies use more renewable fuels.

The state required major utility companies to be able to generate 10 percent of their energy through a renewable source by 2011.

Those requirements would increase to 15 percent by 2016 and 20 percent by 2020.

The Senate committee on utilities is considering extending the 15 percent mandate to 2018 and the 20 percent requirement to 2024.