1:52 pm
Wed December 3, 2014

KU Adds New Biotechnology Degree Program To Edward Campus

The University of Kansas will soon offer a bachelor's degree in applied science in biotechnology.

Classes for the new degree will begin in the spring semester at the Edwards Campus in Overland Park. It will be the university's first bachelor of applied science degree.

The university said in a news that the new degree program will prepare students for careers in life-sciences by bridging the gap between biology, biochemistry and clinical laboratory sciences.

12:30 pm
Tue January 28, 2014

OnWords: Because Science!

Credit The Rocketeer / Flickr / Creative Commons

Those of us tuned in to social media have probably run across someone using a term like “because science” to explain something factual or amazing or both.

But “science” is often used when we really mean “technology.”

To see the difference, look at your cell phone. It’s a neat little bit of technology, but how often do we think about the science behind it? More to the point, how many of us really care?

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12:30 pm
Tue January 14, 2014

OnWords: "Studies Show" We're Afraid Of Uncertainty

Credit Scientific Studies / Flickr / Creative Commons

Journalists and bloggers, teachers and everybody on Facebook love to use the phrase “studies show.”

I love it, too.

“Studies show” tickles the part of us that asserts a superior sort of rationality and an up-to-date command of the facts. It makes us feel smart, particularly when the study we cite is surprising or new, but especially when it reinforces what we already believe.

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Education Standards
5:46 pm
Tue June 11, 2013

State Board Of Education Adopts Science Standards

The Kansas state school board has approved new science standards for public schools.

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9:00 am
Tue May 28, 2013

The Human Factor: That's Not Science!

A phrenology diagram from the People's Cyclopedia of Universal Knowledge (1883).
Credit Wikipedia

Throughout history snake oil salesmen have tried and succeeded at duping people with pseudo scientific nonsense:

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6:25 am
Fri April 5, 2013

1,100 Expected To Turn Out For Kansas Science Olympiad

Students participate in the "Robot Ramble" at a previous Kansas Science Olympiad.
Credit Courtesy / Wichita State University

The Kansas Science Olympiad takes place in Wichita Saturday. Students from 30 middle and high schools across the state will compete in events like bridge building, thermodynamics and robotics. 

Wichita State University has hosted the Olympiad for 26 years. 

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