Sedgwick County Commission

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The Sedgwick County Commission passed a budget Wednesday after weeks of public feedback--most of which was negative.

Sedgwick County

There are rumblings pushing toward the idea of consolidating Sedgwick County and City of Wichita governments. Some people are unhappy with a divided Sedgwick County Commission on some budgetary matters for the coming fiscal year. Also, there is concern about how well the city-county partnership is working in funding some entities.

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The Sedgwick County Commission votes tomorrow on the 2016 proposed budget. KMUW's Aileen LeBlanc talked to some experts about the numbers.

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Two Sedgwick County commissioners have come up with a plan that could restore most funding cuts that are proposed in the county’s 2016 recommended budget.

A new report released by the Kansas Health Institute estimates that proposed health cuts in the Sedgwick County budget could contribute to 65 preventable deaths each year.

The study claims that over time, the proposed $910,374 in health and human services cuts could lead to two additional diabetes deaths, five additional infant deaths, 17 additional cancer deaths and 41 additional heart disease deaths in Sedgwick County each year.

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Sedgwick County will begin a new, revamped juvenile justice program in October. County leaders say the reforms will be in line with the national reform agenda and system changes being implemented at the state level.

A budget proposed by Sedgwick County officials that includes millions of dollars worth of funding cuts continues to affect the city’s budget talks.

County officials have recommended cutting over $500,000 in funding for the Sedgwick County Day Reporting Center, which offers an alternative to incarceration for non-violent, low-level criminals. The program also offers counseling and substance abuse treatment.

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Hundreds of people attended a rally on Friday night that called on Sedgwick County Commissioners to do away with millions of dollars of budget cuts.

The phrase “Quit the Cuts” was printed on t-shirts, signs and a huge banner in Wichita’s Old Town district. The rally was organized by Arlen Hamilton of the Arts Council, an organization that’s staring down a funding cut of $14,000.

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The Sedgwick County Commission held a public hearing Wednesday to discuss potential funding cuts to many county-backed organizations.

The Arts Council in Wichita and other organizations in Sedgwick County are bracing for the possibility of county funding cuts next year.

The county’s proposed 2016 budget will be released publicly at a special commission meeting on Monday.