Sedgwick County Commission

The Sedgwick County Commission held a public hearing Wednesday to discuss potential funding cuts to many county-backed organizations.

The Arts Council in Wichita and other organizations in Sedgwick County are bracing for the possibility of county funding cuts next year.

The county’s proposed 2016 budget will be released publicly at a special commission meeting on Monday.

The Sedgwick County Commissioners voted Wednesday to restore some of the funding they cut from Project Access earlier this year.

The nonprofit coordinates donated medical care for uninsured patients.

The county will provide an additional $25,000 to Project Access this year, bringing the county’s contribution to the program up to $200,000.

In January, the commissioners unexpectedly cut the program’s funding, even though it was already approved in the county’s budget.

City of Wichita


The Wichita City Council voted down a proposal on Tuesday to change its funding agreement with the Greater Wichita Economic Development Coalition. The vote was in response to actions by the Sedgwick County Commission.

Last week, county commissioners discussed a plan to change their funding agreement with the GWEDC, the Sedgwick County Zoo and Exploration Place. The organizations are currently funded in five-year blocks, but some commissioners favor year-to-year agreements to protect against future budget shortfalls. 

Sedgwick County

The Sedgwick County Commission voted on Wendesday morning to delay any changes to the funding agreements with a number of area institutions. KMUW’s Sean Sandefur has more…

Business owners, non-profit leaders and parents came out in droves on Wednesday to testify in support of county-backed institutions, namely Exploration Place and the Sedgwick County Zoo.

Many of them were concerned that funding levels would take a dip when county officials draft a budget in the coming months. Susie Santo of Visit Wichita warned of the impact decreased funding would have to tourism.

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The Sedgwick County Commissioners are set to vote Wednesday on a resolution that would delay a decision on the future of a funding agreement with the Sedgwick County Zoo.

KMUW’s Deborah Shaar reports.

The commissioners and zoo officials met several times in the last month about possible changes to the present five-year funding agreement.

Under the current terms, funding will run until 2018. The county itself was required to notify the zoo that it was considering terminating the current agreement to replace it with a year-to-year plan.

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Two community health programs in Sedgwick County could come to an end next year.

The county commissioners voted 3-2 on Wednesday to remove the programs from the health department’s state funding proposal for the fiscal year, beginning July 1.

KMUW’s Deborah Shaar has more.

The commissioners voted to cut the Chronic Disease Risk Reduction program and Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP) from the health department’s grant proposal. and

The two conservatives headed to the Sedgwick County Commission for new terms in January are already thinking ahead. KMUW’s Deborah Shaar has the results from Tuesday’s election. 


Voters in the 4th District for the Sedgwick County Commission picked Republican Richard Ranzau to serve a second term.

He won the race by a vote of 51 percent--just 554 votes over Democratic challenger Melody McCray-Miller.

She received 48-percent of the vote and led the race, at times, by a slim margin. Ranzau knows what will be his first order of business.

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After a discussion that lasted nearly an hour, the Sedgwick County Commission agreed to help fund a new, roughly $10 million elephant "barn" at Sedgwick County Zoo--their contribution being $5.3 million.

An expansion is needed after new standards from The Association of Zoos and Aquariums stated that facilities must have at least three elephants, or none at all. The Sedgwick County Zoo currently has room for only two.

County Approves $30M For Sedgwick County Zoo

Sep 12, 2013

The Sedgwick County Commission voted Wednesday to spend $30 million at the Sedgwick County Zoo during the next five years, with nearly all the money going to staff and maintenance costs.

The financial support will allow the zoological society to begin raising $10 million to-$12 million for an expanded elephant exhibit.

The zoo has two elephants and needs at least one more to meet new requirements for accreditation from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.