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Secretary of State Kris Kobach says the voting in yesterday’s primary election went smoothly across Kansas, with no significant problems. But one issue that remains is how many Kansans cast provisional ballots after a judge allowed 17,000 previously suspended voters to take part in the election.

The provisional ballots from those voters will be hand counted in the coming days. Kobach says he does not expect any issues handling those extra votes.

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Polls opened at 6 this morning in Sedgwick County for the primary election.

Election Commissioner Tabitha Lehman says 7 polling places have moved since the last election. Notifications were sent out in June to about 26,000 people affected by the changes, but she recommends all voters check their polling place.

The last day to change party affiliations was June 1.

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About one in four registered voters will cast a ballot in tomorrow’s Kansas primary election, according to Secretary of State Kris Kobach. He said expects about 410,000 thousand people to vote, a slight increase from the last presidential election cycle in 2012.

Kobach says the high number of contested legislative races will play a part in the higher turnout. In previous years, Kobach says, many legislative districts only had a competitive primary on either the Democratic or the Republican side.

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Next week’s Republican primary election is the first real test for the conservative majority on the Sedgwick County Commission. The longest-serving member of the majority, Commissioner Karl Peterjohn, is up for re-election. KMUW’s Deborah Shaar tells us how the results of this race could determine the future of the commission’s majority.

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The first of two public hearings on Sedgwick County’s proposed budget for 2017 takes place on Wednesday morning.

The Sedgwick County commissioners have two weeks to finish reviewing the county manager’s recommended 2017 operating budget before taking a vote.

The budget totals about $424 million and includes newly defined priorities for spending increases and reductions.

Sedgwick County is looking to boost its compensation plan to help attract new hires and keep current county employees.

Sedgwick County employs nearly 3000 people, but the workforce has been dwindling for the past six years. The county lost 14 percent of workers in the last seven months alone.

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The Sedgwick County Election Office is now open for voting in advance of the Aug. 2 primary election.

Paper ballots and electronic voting machines are available to cast your ballot at the Sedgwick County Election Office. You can vote at the office through Aug. 1. Next week, 15 locations across Sedgwick County will also offer in-person early voting.

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Sedgwick County released its recommended spending plan at its commission meeting today, and in it, public safety is made a top priority.

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More than 25,000 voters in 60 Sedgwick County voting precincts will be affected by several changes to polling places.

Announcements were sent out today informing people that their polling place has moved since the last election. Officials say to watch for an envelope marked “Official Election Material.”

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Candidates running for Sedgwick County Commissioner gathered for a public health forum Tuesday night, where they were asked a series of questions about the uninsured, food deserts and even immigration.